How Many Maps Are There in This Version?

PUBG Mobile Lite Maps are the different map modes that appear in the PUBG game. As one of the best battle royale games on the market, PUBG has certainly captured the love of many people, especially gamers around the world. It offers a free-to-play battle royale experience with premium graphics, especially when it comes to video games available on mobile platforms. In this article, the number maps in PUBG Mobile Lite version.

All maps appearing in the PUBG Mobile Lite version

The development of PUBG Mobile Lite has fulfilled many expectations of players. As can be seen, the need for RAM and high-end processors to run this game smoothly on mobile phones is a great need. Many people have not been able to meet these PUBG requirements resulting in a bad experience when the game gets laggy.

PUBG Mobile Lite with premium graphics and features.
PUBG Mobile Lite with premium graphics and features.

By understanding these issues, developers quickly improved this issue. In particular, they introduced a PUBG version called PUBG Mobile Lite. This version allows players to fully install PUBG and experience on low-end devices. This game version made a big hit as it brought back players who gave up on the original game because of their cheaper phones. For PUBG Mobile Lite, the developer is also very considerate in providing different types of cards for players to get the most interesting experience. In addition, there are also many differences in the cards in the two games. Specifically in this article, we will introduce you to the different types of cards available in PUBG Mobile Lite.

The list of cards in PUBG Mobile Lite

So far there are two maps in the Battle Royale mode of PUBG Mobile Lite: Varenga and golden forests† In general, both maps are smaller than the main map in PUBG Mobile. However, they provide faster and smoother gameplay for players on low-end devices. As for the Golden Woods map, it doesn’t really unlock until you reach level 5 in the game.

In addition, Varenga has many shrubs and trees that are a great replacement for the Erangel card in the main game. Meanwhile, Golden Woods offers a more explosive and amazing experience for players looking for some adrenaline.

Cards Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode in PUBG Mobile Lite Maps
Arcade Mode in PUBG Mobile Lite Maps
Players will have more great experiences with Arcade Mode Maps.
Players will have more great experiences with Arcade Mode Maps.

In Arcade Mode, players will have to equip a lot of weapons and kill their opponents. To win the game, teams will have to fight each other to reach the indicated score.

By the way, Arcade has four more modes in PUBG Mobile Lite† These are Warehouse, Payload, War and War RPG. The team death match was held in Bodie Map, bringing an exciting and new experience to players. Those are all kinds of cards that have appeared in this PUBG Lite version. In addition, according to a reliable source of information, a new map will appear in the near future. This map is called Miramar and will be made public to gamers in the next update PUBG Mobile Lite 0.18.0. What other new experiences will this map bring? Let’s look forward to it now and stay tuned!

Updated: March 15, 2022 — 5:57 pm

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