How to get unique PUBG Mobile Lite names

PUBG Mobile Lite is one of the most played games in the battle royale genre. The game has a player base of more than millions where they compete against each other to get a good BR and survival experience on their phones. Gamers with low-end devices can play the game smoothly on their devices.

Players often prefer to add unique symbols and characters to their clan names and IGNs, which sets them apart from other players. With a unique name, players can get more friends and tag a professional player as well. Here we tell you how to generate unique names in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Using the built-in keyboard

The first tip to generate a unique clan name is to add special characters through the smartphone’s built-in keyboard. PUBG Mobile Lite allows players to place many special symbols for players, which can be added to their name.

To access these special symbols, players must long-press any alphabet on their smartphone’s keyboard. By doing this, players can see various special characters. They can use these texts directly in their IGN or clan names.

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Generate names of websites

Another method involves generating unique names for IGN and Clan from websites. Players can go to online websites that offer services such as name generators and cool text generators. These websites also offer other features, such as special symbols for clan names. It allows players to add these symbols for their IGN and display their clan in the lobby.

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Updated: March 17, 2022 — 2:18 pm

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