PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map

PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map, also known as the shortened version of PUBG Mobile – the most popular survival game of all time. Although it has the same gameplay as the original version, this game has certain limitations that make it less diverse. One of those limitations is the map. PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map is now smaller and the graphics quality is also significantly reduced. This is to reduce the size of the game to fit on low-end devices.

What does PUBG Mobile Lite have?

As mentioned above, PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Card still has benefits specific to certain devices. If you have a phone with a low to medium configuration then this is the right game to enjoy. Don’t worry about the drop in map or graphics quality. Because in fact it still retains the typical survival gameplay and attractive battle royale levels.

A minor change from PUBG Mobile Lite Update is that there are only 60 people in a match, instead of 100 people. To accommodate this change, the game’s map was also made smaller. Therefore, on the small map, the competition between gamers in a match will be increasingly fierce. This is no longer a place for the slow and indecisive. So prepare a reasonable battle plan from the start.

The best place in PUBG Mobile Lite

A perfect battle plan requires the right first moves. Therefore, find a great landing site to gain the upper hand. So where do you think is the best place in PUBG Mobile Lite? We will now introduce you.

Lots of good places to land on the PUBG map
Lots of good places to land on the PUBG map

Eastern Harbor

If you’ve played PUBG Mobile, you can easily find East Port on the Varenga map. This is where many containers are stored, where there are many powerful weapons to collect. Not only weapons, but it also has armor such as level 2 armor and even level 3 armor. Besides, it also has no shortage of accessories, smoke bombs, first aid kits, energy drinks…


The stadium is usually the busiest place in PUBG Lite Varenga Map HD† Therefore, if you land here, you must be mentally prepared to compete with many other players. This place usually doesn’t have much room for shelter. Therefore, in order to loot good items, it is necessary that you fight directly with others. All types of rifles to machine guns, armor, backpacks… are available here. But be careful, because dangers are always lurking.


A power station on the west side of the map is the ideal place to take shelter. Why? It is a large building, so there is no lack of good stuff and shelter. But the advice for you is to land on the roof. This makes it safer for you to go to the lower floors. Note, if you hear footsteps approaching, quickly seek shelter. Or if you’re well-prepared for battle, find nearby enemies and go head-to-head.

Pilot Square

If you are a new player, we do not recommend landing here. As it possesses a range of valuable items, many experienced players gather here. If you’re not ready yet, this isn’t the place for you. The battle will be quite fierce! The locations we mentioned above are not all PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Card† There are quite a few other places you can try depending on your level and experience. Remember that if you want to loot a lot of valuable items, you will have to face fiercer battles. If you want to be safe in the first place, land in remote places. There is another way to loot high-end items, which is “hear”. Do you remember?

Updated: March 19, 2022 — 10:56 am

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