What Beginners Should Use To Win?

PUBG Mobile Lite weapons are one of the most attractive things about this game. PUBG Mobile Lite shows off a rich assortment of weapons and decorations that players can coordinate depending on their style. But if you’ve ventured into the game quite recently, don’t miss the absolute best PUBG Mobile Lite weapon combos for beginners that this article shares in a heartbeat.

Overall, PUBG Mobile Lite gives a wide variety of weapons to players. Each type has its own use. So that, we’ll give you some tips and tricks from beginner to pro to PUBG Mobile Lite† Merging weapons in a reasonable way will help you immensely in battle. Nevertheless, it is difficult for beginners to try and use every weapon to track down their main decision. In this article, we will combine and match the 3 best PUBG Mobile Lite weapon combos for beginners in the corresponding article.

The three best weapon combinations in PUBG Mobile Lite

The first combo in PUBG Mobile Lite – M416 and S12K

M416 can seriously injure enemies
M416 can seriously injure enemies

This is a blend of convenience, but the results are not terrible in any way. called the best weapon for beginners, M416 can do very serious damage with adaptable use. What’s more, after you get all the perks for this firearm, it turns into a monster in both scuffle and medium range combat. On the other hand, the S12K is too fast a shotgun and you can add more magazine. It’s an incredible decision for students who can point poorly, because you can just tap constantly to shoot nearby.

The following are Scar L and UMP9

A great combination ensures a start
A great combination ensures a start

Most new players need to claim 2 firearms which can consequently fire in PUBG Mobile Lite. So the AR and SMG combination is a championship decision. Like M416, Scar L is an AR firearm that fires 5.56mm rounds with high speed, high damage and low power. As for SMG, nothing can beat UMP9. This firearm fires incredibly fast without retreating, promising to defeat rivals in close proximity.

M416 and Kark98k is a great combination

As mentioned above, the M416 is a fantastic firearm that can work well in both skirmishes and medium range combat. What it needs is the ability to shoot long shots or kill opponents in a good way. So most players will pair it with a DMR or sniper rifle. For beginners, we recommend using Kark98k. This is a rather tricky combination, but still the best in this overview. Practice careful pointing, get a decent viewfinder, then you’re all set.

Kark98k is an assault rifle that a newbie can use
Kark98k is an assault rifle that a newbie can use

Above are the 3 best weapon combos that beginners playing PUBG Mobile Lite should try. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to research and participate in accessible firearms depending on your continued interaction. Furthermore, you also need to figure out how to hold your psyche to fire a weapon in PUBG so that the best can win against opponents in the game.

This PUBG Mobile Lite Guide just gave you some helpful tips for combining the weapons. Try to loot these weapons and your chances of winning will increase! Weapons in PUBG Mobile is one of the most attractive points in this game. And don’t forget to follow this PUBG news for more tips and tricks! PUBG Mobile is updated regularly, so don’t forget to keep up with us!

Updated: March 16, 2022 — 11:42 pm

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