PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition Mode

PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition Mode – All New Features Complete Guide. The Evoground mode portion of PuBG Mobile 1.5 removes Payload 2.0. Instead, the game offers Mission Ignition as a new mode. See how Mission Ignition is played here.

What is Mission Ignition?

It is a new game mode Evoground upgraded to PUBG Mobile 1.5 for payload 2.0. Plus, it’s accessible in Evoground Ranking mode, which means your rank will count. This new form of gaming will light up your future. Just play a new high-tech field and enjoy a forward-looking cartoon. Mission Ignition is a really intriguing game mode to play today.

Mission Ignition Mode

New Features in PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition

Built numerous times during previous upgrades, Erangel takes place in the unique mode in Ranged Evoground. These are all the new features in PUBG Mobility Engagement.

Changed areas

There are 6 new modified areas on Erangel. On this map you will find these new facilities in well-known places.

  • Transit Center in Pochinki
  • Port of Georgopol in Georgopol
  • Tech Center at school
  • Security Center in Military Base
  • Logistics office in Yasnaya Polyana
  • Energy Center in Mylta Power
New six areas

These sites are also marked on a virtual high-tech map. So you can easily find them and get there quickly with high-tech cars.

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Exclusive vehicles

This updated level includes a few new high-tech cars for players to quickly cross. First, on conventional Erangel, the anti-gravity motor replaces regular motors. There are two seats available and the speed is unbelievable. Furthermore, HyperLines stations with bulletproof glass windows are also available for gamers to catch anti-gravity trains.

Anti-Gravity Motorcycle

TESLA is teaming up with this new game mode in PUBG Mobile. This company has set up a Gigafactory in Erangel to supply numerous cars around the island. You can take a Y model or do a fully automatic spin all over the island. This futuristic map has also been accessed by Cybertruck and Roadster. Half trucks also drive through the map and provide you with different materials.

Cross the map on hyperlines

New weapons and gear

In addition to new vehicles, PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition includes new weapons and devices. ASM Abakan is the latest 5.56mm ammunition rifle. There are three types of fire including single, burst and full-car. It turns ASM into a versatile weapon that can handle short and medium targets.

Asm Abakan

In this new gameplay style, there are also three new weapons, including Ergonomic Grip, Muzzle Brake and Drum Magazine. It also includes several new products, including Tactical Marking Device and Riot Shield. These features will make the gameplay truly distinctive and engaging.

PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition Mode – All New Features Full Guide

These are all new features in the new PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition game mode. You now need to upgrade 1.5 to enjoy this game mode and choose the Evoground Ranking mode.

Updated: March 27, 2022 — 9:19 pm

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