Never used hacks but your account shows a message that banned due to hacks, here is the reason why?

The developers of PUBG Mobile use various ways to ban cheats in the game and the official team works regularly to stop cheating or hacking. PUBG Mobile launched the in-game reporting system where a player can self-report if he/she finds a violation in the game. After receiving the report from the various users, the official team will review the video and come back with the result. If a violation is found in the video, PUBG Mobile will permanently ban the accounts of the users involved in cheats.

For some reason, the users’ accounts will be permanently banned from accessing the game, and these users are not involved in any kind of cheating, but their account shows the message that “Account has been banned for hacks”. We are only writing this article to give you the information and reasons behind these types of messages. The PUBG team also covers this article on the official website.

PUBG Mobile: Never Used Hacks But Your Account Shows It Was Banned For Hacks, Here’s Why?

Reason 1 Software that bypasses the services in the game means that if you use a third-party application for a loot, it also breaks the rules of the game.

Reason 2Programs that alter the game in any way (even if it is not intended to cheat) means that you are using programs that destroy the game environment.

Reason 3Using cheats, macros, etc. for other games and not PU, BG is still a violation of the game’s services.

Important Note:- If your PUBG Mobile account has been banned for security reasons, the official team will not give you the exact reason behind the ban

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Updated: April 4, 2022 — 9:09 am

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