PUBG Mobile Officially Updated Payload Mode x War Mode Option!

PUBG Mobile developers have officially released a new option: Payload Mode x War Mode. To find out more about it, don’t forget to check the details in the latest update now!

PUBG Mobile: Payload Mode x War Mode Available to Enjoy in EvoGround

PUBG Corp. has confirmed that Payload Mode x War Mode is a mix of both modes. It is possible for players to discover “all the action” that the War mode introduces, in addition to “the explosive potential” present in the Payload mode.

PUBG Corp includes developers behind the popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds† They have already unveiled a mode in the mobile version.

The company made the announcement revolved around its availability on its official Twitter handle on December 24, 2019. According to that information, if you want to experience the “Payload Mode x War Mode” you can head over to EvoGrounds. option.

Pubg Mobile official
Pubg Mobile official

PUBG Mobile Payload Mode x War Mode

If you want to dig deeper PUBG Mobile Payload Mode x War Modeplease divide it into two separate parts which are Payload Mode and War Mode.

PUBG Mobile Update EvoGround
PUBG Mobile Update EvoGround

About PUBG Mobile War Mode

PUBG Mobile War Mode is the same as the Deathmatch. In which characters can respawn within the match at a specified time period. When you reach the end of the round, the blue zone will gradually lock and you will no longer be able to respawn along with other people. It’s a key element that helps War mode achieve the traditional Battle Royale-esque ending.

What about Payload Mode in PUBG Mobile?

if you like it play PUBG Mobile Payload Mode, you will find that you can fly a combat helicopter while fighting survivors on the ground. Meanwhile, the individuals listed on the map can deploy missiles or grenade launchers to counter-attack.

PUBG Mobile: Payload Mode x War Mode

After you participate in PUBG Mobile: Payload Mode x War Mode, you will be delivered to a strange place. Drop into a small safe area and you’ll appear with a grenade launcher. However, you are not alone. You and nearby competitors are forced to survive. So you can always be killed. It is possible to respawn after death!

Same with the war mode in PUBG mobile game, you cannot respawn at the end of the phase. Therefore, you can immerse yourself in real battle royale encounters while playing PUBG Mobile Payload Mode x War Mode.

PUBG Mobile Update EvoGround
PUBG Mobile Update EvoGround

Payload mode x war mode arrived just a few weeks later PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 Update† Not only that, PUBG Corp launched a new bug fix update to fix many issues in version 0.16.0. PUBG is working on some upcoming updates consisting of 10-bit HDR support and 90FPS support.

Updated: March 24, 2022 — 1:47 pm

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