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PUBG Mobile finally released the latest update 1.2 in the game on January 12, 2021 and brought many changes to the game including new modes, weapons, new features and more, now the most anticipated and exciting mode “Power Armor Mode” in the EvoGround section has finally been released in PUBG Mobile. The Power Armor mode is one of PUBG Mobile’s great improvements in the Battle Royale rating.

PUBG MOBILE – Upgrade your tactics with Power Armor

They are arguably the most anticipated game modes in PUBG Mobile, and players will be able to bounce right into the new Power Armor mode on February 5, 2021. These are the subtleties players need to think about the new game mode. The Power Armor mode offers players a different approach to overwhelming the battle zone by collecting their high-level shield that gives them more versatility throughout the match.

PUBG Mobile Power Armor Mode:

Things you want to know – The players can only play Power Armor mode on the Livik map. Players must collect parts and collect their power protection in an unusual laboratory. It is expected that three basic pieces will fabricate these Power Armors, which can be found in the Super Crates that fall near the usual airdrops throughout the game. Players must fight for these pieces, as the supply areas are surrounded by others.

First gameplay of POWER ARMOR mode

In the wake of collecting their Power Armors, players will gain new abilities such as Hyper jump, which allows them to jump higher without taking fall damage, and a capacity called “Dragon Breath”, which allows them to hit and destroy their opponents. The Power Armor set consists of three different things: the Power Arm, the Power Vest and the Power Leg. Each segment has its remarkable properties and can be purchased or searched from different players. Also, since the gear itself is protection, it reduced the damage players take when preparing it.

  • Power Weapon: Heavy Punch lets you knock down enemies quickly.
  • Power leg: Dash, fly forward a certain distance while being visible everywhere.
  • power vest: Overload, increases the largest backpack limit.

After the Power Armor is effectively collected, players will gain new abilities, such as Hyperjump, which allows one to bounce higher and not take fall damage. Another and unusual ability called ‘Mythical beast Breath’ will open which can take out a rival in a lone blow.

Matrix Event:-

  • Battle Hotspot: Matrix crates and advanced supplies are here. Use this region to progress quickly!
  • Life detector: Detects the area of ‚Äč‚Äčnearby opponents
  • Air Drops: Power Armor currently included to equip faster!

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