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PUBG Mobile is the famous Battle Royale game where millions of users play the game on their devices. PUBG Mobile has recently surpassed one billion downloads worldwide. The game is getting more famous by the day because of the high quality graphics and super exciting features in the game. The game’s developers recently released the Godzilla vs. Kong update released. In this article, we will give you a list of redemption codes and by using these codes, players can grab various rewards such as graffiti and pilot’s license. To redeem these codes, players must visit the game section of PUBG Mobile and claim their free rewards.

PUBG Mobile Redemption Codes in June 2021:

1) Redeem code 1: GODZILLAVSKONG

2) Redeem code 2: MAY 25 PUBG MOBILE

3) Redeem code 3: SAMPLE DETECTED

4) Redeem code 4: GODZILLAKONG

5) Redeem code 5: TITAN LOAD STANDARD

After redeeming all the codes given above, players will receive a 5x Aircraft Pilot License and can only use it for 7 days to collect their rewards from Street Cred Set.

Updated: April 13, 2022 — 3:01 am

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