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PUBG Mobile has millions of users around the world just because the developers of the game provide high-quality graphics and many exciting updates in the game, which makes the game more interesting and enjoyable. PUBG Mobile also offers its players some redemption codes on a daily basis and by using these codes, players get extra loot in the game such as vehicle skin, outfits and many other rewards. Players can simply visit PUBG Mobile’s redemption center and claim their free rewards. This article is specifically aimed at users looking for redemption codes for free rewards. Don’t worry, we will give you some redemption codes and by redeeming these codes, you can get exciting rewards for free.

Redeem PUBG Mobile codes today i.e. June 10, 2021

1) BEAUTY (Rewards: Duelist Set)

2) PEACE (Rewards: Piglet Set)

3) HEALTH (Rewards: Combat Driver Set)

4) HAPPY (Rewards: Combat Driver Set)

5) HAPPINESS (Rewards: Underground Crew Set)

6) LOSTFREQPUBGM (Rewards: Number Lost Frequencies)

7) RAMADANKAREEM (Rewards: Duelist Set)

8) GPHZDBTFZ (Rewards: Scar-L Gun Skin)

9) BBKVZBZ6FW (Rewards: PUBG Cannon Popularity)

10) UKUZBZGWF (Rewards: Free Fireworks)

11) KARZBZYTR (Rewards: Kar98 Skin)

12) QEJZLCIZ5M4 (Rewards: Gold AKM Skin)

13) R89FPLM9S (Rewards: Companion)

14) EKJONARKJO (Rewards: M416 Gun Skin)

15) UCBYSD600 (Rewards: 600 UC Redemption Code)

Steps to redeem above codes in PUBG Mobile:

  • Selection of the PUBG Mobile Redemption Center option on your device.
  • Look at the top left corner of your device screen and enter your account character ID.
  • Click the profile icon.
  • Enter the redemption code you want to redeem.
  • Enter the verification code and select the Redeem option.
  • After successful redemption, players can now enjoy their free rewards.

Updated: April 14, 2022 — 6:39 am

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