PUBG Mobile Season 10 Leaked Plenty Of New Interesting Skins

While PUBG Mobile Season 10 is coming up, a lot of information has been leaked. They cover new skins, emotes, weapons and more. Now let’s discover the main topic!

Play your favorite game and don’t forget to catch up with the PUBG Mobile Season 10 release date! It will be an exciting version expected by many players. There are numerous rumors circulating about the appearance of additional items in the game. We will focus on skins that can be added to the upcoming match. The full list is explained here.

Introduction to PUBG Mobile Season 10 and skins that never existed before

PUBG Mobile Season 10 is on the way. It is guessed that it may contain numerous additional characters, outfits, weapons, costs and skins. PUBG Mobile developers always know how to make their fans happier.

Despite the next edition or the current one PUBG Mobile Season 9, there is usually tension from a lot of costumes, armaments and most importantly the object you care about. Season 9 may end its cycle in mid-November. Don’t forget to stay informed!

Details of Guesses for Skins in PUBG Mobile Season 10

Here is the collection of things in the new update of Pubg mobile. Don’t forget to follow until the last!

  1. M249
The pistol M249 in PUBG Mobile

The gun M249 in PUBG Mobile game will get another skin when season 10 starts. It can be obtained as a Royale Pass prize for those with the Elite Royale Pass in Season 10.

  1. weapons
Weapons in PUBG Mobile

Aside from what the M249 collects, you can find some distinctive things for M24, Uzi, Vector, Groza, lab skin -M416. The latter can be improved in the lab and you can optimize bonus effects. Another brand Kar-98 will be designed for Season 10.

In addition, firearms, AKM, Groza, M24, and UZI get blue stripes when finished.

Weapons in PUBG Mobile

Between PUBG Mobile Season 10 All Rewardsdon’t ignore the cool layers for the M416 LAD level 1, level 5, level 7!

PUBG Mobile Season 10 All Rewards
  1. Tools

Along with the existence of the arm used for inflicting damage, the typical Japanese sword, pans, baseball bats will have a different appearance.

Weapons in PUBG Mobile
  1. airplanes

Multiple models will be rolled out, featuring an all-yellow aircraft.

Airplanes in PUBG Mobile
  1. parachutes

Pubg mobile season 10 update should start with certain parachute skins like Ace Parachute. It will be produced with a yellow and dark color set, decorated with a pan with a printed Season 10 logo.

Parachutes in PUBG Mobile
  1. vehicles

The exterior color of the sled and other resources will be incredibly improved.

Vehicles in PUBG Mobile
  1. helmets

Together with PUBG mobile weapon skins, they get fantastic styles from dragons to frogs and some species for the coming winter. Backpacks are presented based on emoji, the cold and military or desert themes.

PUBG mobile helmets
PUBG mobile helmets

In other words, skins for which soldiers are worn will be modernized.

  1. hats

They offer more options when you are in PUBG mobile

PUBG Mobile Hats
  1. masks

It will be flawed if we don’t mention the following pieces. They are good for surprising your enemies or avoiding harmful situations PUBG mobile season 10.

PUBG mobile masks
  1. Clothes

To be named free PUBG mobile skins occupy an important place in the game. We have Halloween themed outfits, t-shirts exclusive to Season 10 Solo, Duo, and Squad, etc. The store will be stocked with sets: Apocalypse Guardian, Desert Trooper, Assassin of the Dawn, Mechanical Mercenary, and so on.

PUBG mobile clothing
PUBG mobile clothing

It is possible to expect PUBG Mobile Season 10 to debut early or shortly after Season 9! We can also test those skins, emotes and the SMG MP5K when Season 10 comes into your game. Why not come back and focus on earning your Season 9 RP rewards right now? Also leave your comments and stay up to date with the latest news on our website! Hope you liked it!

Updated: March 22, 2022 — 9:49 am

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