1 to 100 RP Skins & Outfit

Pubg Mobile is the best battle royal game in the world. Pubg Mobile Royal Pass is also the best feature of Pubg Mobile where users get a reward for completing every 1 Royal Pass mission. Pubg Mobile Royal Pass Season 18 ends May 15, 2021 and Pubg Mobile Royal Pass Season 19 begins Just After a day.

New Season 19 starts with new Royal Pass rewards and you know all about new Season 19 Royal Pass rewards. In this article you will know 1 to 100 Royal Pass rewards. In the reward list you will find weapon skins, outfits, grenade skins, airplane skins, backpack skins, parachute skins and much more.

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Pubg Mobile Season 19 Royal Pass Reward Not Revealed: Guns Skin, Grenade Skin, Mythic Outfit, and Bag Skin

Pubg Mobile Season 19 Royal Pass Rewards was liked by almost everyone and Season 19 Roya Pass has been announced, check out the videos below.

Pubg Mobile Royal Pass Season 19 Trailer

Outfits from Royal Pass Season 19

In season 19 of the Royal Pass, users can get many beautiful outfits and the below one is in one of them.

Bag Skin from Royal Pass Season 19

Bag Skin is a much loved skin and many PUBG players expect a stylish backpack skin. So under the skin is expected in the new upcoming season.

Royal Pass Season 19 Gun Skins

As we know gun skin is very common and Pubg brings new gun skins every season. In the Pubg Mobile season 19, you can get deluxe gun skins listed below.

1. Kar 98 Gun Skin Season 19

Almost every season Pubg Kar gives 98 gun skin and season 19 also gets a skin which can be seen below.

Royal Pass Season 19 Mythic Outfits

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Watch the full video of Royal Pass Season 19: Coming Soon

Updated: March 29, 2022 — 5:01 pm

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