PUBG Mobile Season 6: Release date, new vehicles, weapons and more

Join PUBG Mobile game and don’t ignore season 6! Check out the release date here with new vehicles, weapons and more. Find out the details of PUBG Mobile Season 6 now!

PUBG Mobile Season 6: Release Date, New Vehicles, Weapons & More

PUBG Mobile is a game from the original PlayerUnknown’s Battleground PC title. It is available to enjoy on Android and iOS devices. It is a fierce competition between you and many enemies around the world. To be the winner, you have to survive at all costs. It means that you are forced to defend your body and ultimately choose the most appropriate tips to stay alive. It is popular and designed with high quality images.

After the launch, PUBG mobile game is updated regularly. Season 6 is one of the releases players expect. It started on March 21, 2019. Meanwhile, Season 5 was completed on March 8. PUBG Mobile Season 6 will feature many notable additions and improvements.

Play PUBG mobile and you can easily spot those changes! Actually, the season we call a new vehicle, a different weapon, a fantastic state of the atmosphere in a few places, along with several features that did not exist before. Not only that, Season 6 is related to the 0.11.5 beta.

PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 Beta

It’s an update reserved for PUBG mobile game, with differences and an introduction of strange things.

  • Two Erangel and Miramar cards eventually get the dynamic weather system.
  • The cold Vikendi map has a G36C rifle taking the position of SCAR-L. Both use the 5.56 ammunition, the ammunition that can be found on the playing field without any problems. G36C supports attachments such as the scope, thumb grip and so on.
  • Tukshai is a three-wheeled bus known as Tuktuk – a famous taxi in Thailand. It has already appeared on Sanhok to replace Jeep, Dacia and more.
  • Zombies are interesting creatures in the PUBG Mobile game. They are in Zombie event mode. They will gradually weaken during combat.
  • Fixed the bug where zombies couldn’t access an area
  • Zombies are nerfed when zone damage is buffered in PUBG Mobile because damage from the protected location is increased overnight.
  • Some resources fall or fuel levels, the undead’s skills are reset to build a stronger game experience.
  • The quick chat message “I have supplies” is pre-selected.
  • Fixed a necessary issue that occurred while previewing costumes
  • Finally, the other feedback button has been added in the main menu of PUBG Mobile game

We have come up with a full report of the PUBG Mobile Season 6 and what it has. Hope you liked it!

Updated: March 22, 2022 — 6:33 pm

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