PUBG Mobile Top 20 Unique Names

PUBG Mobile has gathered a lot of fans all over the world since the moment it was delivered. The Battle Royale game occasionally comes up with energetic updates that will bring new highlights to the game. PUBG Mobile players are very fond of their usernames and countless players are constantly trying to make it both attractive and spicy.

The vast majority of names in the game are a la mode as players use different text styles and graphics. Players should remember that changing names on PUBG Mobile costs them money. Players must purchase a Rename Card and then paste their favorite name onto the Rename Card to effectively change the name. Due to the lack of cool images on Android and iOS consoles, players have often turned to sites to decorate their names or for ideas.

Here are the Top 20 sytlish name for PUBG Mobile :-


2. Miss 𝕱orτ𝕦ήe

3. ₮ⱧɆ_₳₱ⱤłⱠł₳₦_𓊈ǤU͢͢͢Y𓊉

4. [email protected]

5. Tђe PreteŇder

6. agiᄃgµψ Ⲙagen†a

7. SeŇøri𝕥α

8. eαsτ Iηɔคℝηคτe

9. Ear†ђ M𝖊†aℓ

10. Eoг

11. Wrê¢kêr

12. editor

13. H𝖆r𝔪𐍉nℽ Ge𝔪

14. Wr

15. Hey

16. x

17. Airєร


19. B𝓊††eяCนp

20. Hecule$

Updated: April 14, 2022 — 4:11 pm

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