Top 5 Best Pistols in 2022

Pubg (Players Unknown Battleground) is a battle royale from one of the most beloved games of this era. It is mainly developed by Krafton† The game has a number of specifications, variety and attractive sections to offer its users. The smooth and rich gaming experience will make you addicted to this game. It is widely played around the world and has a lot to offer as a game user experience.

Let’s not revolve around what PUBG has in general, now let’s take a closer look at the close combat weapons pistols† Well a gamer will always go for heavy weapons like M416, Scar-L, AKM and etc. But sometimes, under specific circumstances, when you don’t have a lot of options to select, these pistols can come in handy in in-game life saving options instead of having nothing.

PUBG Mobile also offers several pistol-only modes such as Library and Arcade mode, so it’s better to know which specs suit you best.

Five best pistols in PUBG Mobile

1) Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle

Sometimes while playing PUBG you have ever been surprised by being knocked out by your enemy with a gun in his hand and with a good AR like an M416. The Desert Eagle is one of the few pistols that can do this with an extremely fast rate of fire. It is a beast semi-automatic pistol and takes the most damage.

Desert Eagle Requires: .45 ACP Ammunition of white color. Desert Eagle has a magazine capacity of seven (7) and can be expanded by attaching an extended magazine to number 10.

This pistol can have a massive impact on the enemy west, helmet and the player himself within a range of 100 meters. It can easily take out the enemy with level 1 and level 2 protection levels.

Recommendation – If a player is good at recoil control, he should choose this gun over others. If you are good at tap shots you can switch for the next gun.

2) Scorpion


“Brother of another mother” this dialogue fits Desert Eagle well. This gun is reminiscent of small AR guns that are easy to find in almost all PUBG Mobile playing cards like Vikendi, Erangle, Sanhok and Miramar.

This pistol uses 9mm orange ammunition with a bullet capacity of 20. After attaching an extended magazine, it fulfills the role of AR with the double capacity of 40 bullets in a single round or a UZI. Although it has the lowest rate of fire of 22, you can craft a beast by attaching a vertical grip, stock, suppressor, and holo or red dot, depending on your choice.

It works like a SMG after attaching the supplies just placed in the wrong slot of the gun.

Recommendation – Players with good recoil can use the weapon in the most effective way.

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3) R1895

Image Credit Legit Reviews

R1895 is reminiscent of old and gold pistols in appearance and dimensions. It’s one of the OG guns in PUBG Mobile, surprisingly it deals more damage than an AKM or M416. It’s because it’s the only gun that allows 7.62mm ammunition in its magazine which makes it a lethal, although it has a slow rate of fire, if you’re accurate you only need a bullet or two to put the enemy down to hit.

R1895 gives the highest damage of 55 an old but effective one. This can seriously kill an enemy without a helmet. This pistol can be used with an attached pistol/smg suppressor.

R1895 has a sharp and overwhelming sound which makes it a nostalgic pistol to use.

Recommendation – Players with good tapping skills and aiming accuracy can use the weapon better.

4) P1911


A semi-automatic pistol has a fire capacity of 7 to 12 rounds with no extended mag, respectively. P1911 gives a rate of fire of 0.11 seconds, which takes almost two headshots to take down the enemy. This gun can be deadly with the right taps and accuracy. It is also possible to attach or equip a rifle scope and muzzle. This gun is not to be preferred if given by choice.

P1911 has a slow muzzle velocity of 250 per second, making it an odd gun to use from a range over 50 meters. One can attach a holographic sight, a red dot with a laser sight on the bottom rail. One can even attach a pistol suppressor to attack the enemies by force.

Recommendation – It is more suitable for the player who is good at delivering tap shots.

5) P92


It is a medium sized pistol that comes in handy with decent firepower and ammunition capacity. P92 mainly consists of 3 attachments which: Magazine, muzzle, sight. P92 takes damage of 34 as it has been reduced by an initial bullet velocity of 380 m/s in recent updates.

P92 consumes orange colored 9mm bullets for its use. It’s a good weapon to use instead of P1911.

This gun is not fully automatic but used properly with the taps it can prove to be a deadly weapon. It also includes 9mm ammo, one of the largest bullet sizes in the PUBG Mobile. The best part is that it has only 2 seconds of reloading speed which makes it an effective option.

Recommendation – Suitable for the player with sharp and fast taps.

Comparison of the best pistols in Pubg Mobile 2022

S.No Gun Name: Base damage Reload time Weapon rate of fire
1 P92 35 2s 0.09s
2 R1895 55 6.25s 0.40s
3 P1911 41 2.1s 0.11s
4 Desert Eagle 62 2.5s 0.25s
5 Skorpion 22 3.1s 0.07s


These were the Top 5 best pistols in PUBG Mobile, which allow a gamer to destroy his enemy in a game. Each gun has its own specifications, strengths and flaws. The use and damage of the gun mainly depends on the user preference and skills of the player. If you’re good at mastering recoil, Desert Eagle is your pick and if you’re good at tapping with quick taps, head towards R1895.

Hope this article helped you regarding the top 5 best pistols in pubg mobile.

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Updated: March 12, 2022 — 9:17 pm

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