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So Guys finally pubg mobile version 1.5 beta patch note is out. In this article, we’ll show you all the features coming in version 1.5, so read the full article carefully for all the information.

Pubg Mobile 1.5 Version Gameplay:TS Mode – Gameplay Mechanics:

1:Erangel transit system:

A high-tech levitation line for travel across the islands.

2. Air Call Preliminary Device

Prior Air Summoning Device can be used in urban areas to summon a Prior Air drone for an airdrop.

3.Air Conveyor Launcher

Air Conveyor Launchers can be found in some urban areas. Determine the direction and launch it into the air for long-range transfers or sudden attacks.

4.Anti-Gravity Motorcycle

A high-tech motorcycle that uses levitation technology. Can hover at a low height above the ground and water.

5. Patrol and Protection Robot

Special robot dogs can be found in some urban areas. By activating these robot dogs, you can quickly scan the entire urban area for high-quality combat supplies!

6. Binoculars:

Special gear that makes it easier to spot and quickly mark distant enemies.

7.New Firearm MG3

New MG3 Light Machine Gun: This weapon uses 7.62mm ammunition and has a unique fire mode. The rate of fire can be flexibly adjusted up to 660 or 990 rounds per minute, allowing for both stable continuous firing and rapid firing. Only spawns in air Drops

8. Disposables and Consumables

New Cast and Consumable Wheels have been added to facilitate the use of Cast and Consumables:

1. Swipe the Consumables/Throw icon to open the wheel and swap or use items.

2. You can enable the Quick Throw function in the settings menu. After powering up, press and hold the Throwable icon to use Quick Throw.

3. You can enable the Quick Wheel Throw function in the settings menu. After turning it on, swipe the wheel and briefly select the Throwable target to use a Quick Throw.

9. Victory Statue

After you get the victory, you can summon a statue to celebrate

1. The MVP of the winning team can summon a Victory Statue to a specific location.

2. Special celebration emotes can be used near the Victory Statue.

Updated: March 16, 2022 — 6:00 pm

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