How to Download PUBG Mobile VN Version on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

How to Download PUBG Mobile VN Version in iOS

PUBG Mobile VN is the Vietnamese version of Players Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG). PUBG Mobile Vn version specially made for Vietnamese people (people living in Vietnam). VN version of PUBG Mobile is developed by VNG Studios.

VNG Game Studios is the famous Games Developer or Publisher in Vietnam. This was established in April 2007 and is located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. According to the official website of VNG Studios, they have developed more than 30 games.

Let’s talk about our main topic, the PUBG Mobile VN version. So I’m going to explain you step by step How can you? Download PUBG Mobile VN Version on iOS (iPhone/iPad). But before you need to know some interesting information about the PUBG Mobile Vietnam version…

What is the difference in PUBG Mobile VN version?

There is not much difference between PUBG Mobile Global Version vs VN version. They are both exactly the same. There is only 1 difference that I noticed is that the RP Daily Missions of PUBG Mobile VN Version are a bit different from the PUBG Mobile Global Version.

PUBG Mobile VN iPhone iPad

PUBG Mobile VN Version iOS FAQ

You should know all these questions before downloading the Pubg VN version:-

• Can I login to the Global Version PUBG account?

Ans: No, you cannot login with your Global Version Pubg ID in VN Version.

• How big is the PUBG Mobile VN version in iOS?

Ans: PUBG Mobile VN version is about 2.5 GB in iOS and 1.8 GB in Android.

• Can I download both versions in Same Device?

Ans: Yes, you can download the PUBG Mobile VN version in addition to the global version.

How to Download PUBG Mobile VN Version on iPhone/iPad

Follow all the simple and easy steps below to: Download PUBG Mobile VN Version on iPhone or iPad (iOS).

Step 1: Go to your Apple ID in the App Store

Step 2: Click on your Apple ID icon

Step 3: Then click Country/Region

Step 4: After completing all the top steps, click the Change Country/Region button

Step 5: Change your country to Vietnam

Step 6: Accept the terms and conditions

Step 7: Then they will ask for your details such as name, address, zip code, etc. Fill in all these details

Remark: You can post any details, even fake ones.

Step 8: Now you have switched to Vietnam App Store

Step 9: Search PUBG & PUBG Mobile VN appears

Step 10: Click the Install button

Everything you’ve done. After completing the download, you can play like the normal version. And you can change your Apple ID back to your original country.

I hope you have understood all the steps. If you have any questions about PUBG Mobile Un Version iOS Feel free to ask. We will try our best to guide you in the simple and easy ways. And if you think this post is helpful to you, don’t forget to share it with others. Thank you

Updated: March 15, 2022 — 5:54 am

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