Pubg Mobile VS Free Fire

pubg means Players unknown battlefield; it is an online multiplayer battle royal game that can play solo, duo and squad (4 men). Pubg Mobile is mainly made by Krafton Ltdof which Tencent Ltd has publishing rights.

free fire, which can also be pronounced as Garena free fire. It is made by Garena and is available on both Android and IOS. It is a royal shooter game where 50 players land on a single island in a team with a motive to kill and survive to the end zone.

Both Pubg and Free Fire are 2 of the most downloaded and popular battle royal games in the gaming industry. Both games have been competing and are in the works as game choice for players. Both are almost equally action packed and offer their users an excellent gaming experience.

Previously, Pubg mobile had the edge over Free Fire in download and active users, but the ban came into the picture and Free Fire took the lead. Google plays a huge store boom in free fire downloads just after the ban. It has become a great alternative even for pubg mobile users.

Full Comparison of Pubg vs Free Fire

Game Pubg Mobile free fire
battle royal Cards Erangle
Available Weapons Types Assault Rifle
Archery bow
Assault Rifle
to tie
Heavy Machine Guns
Classic Solo
Server Ranked and unranked Ranked and unranked
Default players per battle 100 and 60 50
FPP function Available Available
Graphics High Moderate
Max number of players per team 4 4
Available in India new Yes
Developer Tencent Games Dots Studio

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Better and high-quality performance (Pubg vs Free Fire)

When we talk about running smoothly on all kinds of devices, be it on the High-end device or the low-end device, it works smoothly. Free fire has 50 player matches add more simplification in terms of play for their users than the Pubg Mobile.

While it lags behind in graphics quality compared to Pubg Mobile, Free Fire’s graphics are complete cartoonish, while Pubg Mobile gives a more realistic feel with excellent graphics. So that results in better performance quality in free fire even on the low-end device.

Memory Comparison (Pubg vs Free Fire)

Free Fire takes up much less phone memory than Pubg Mobile and even runs the Android 4.0 ice cream version with a minimum of 600MB of the phone memory.

On the other hand, Pubg Mobile is developed using: Unreal engine, specifically used to create high-end/graphics PC games. That is why Pubg mobile is much smoother, has exotic textures and an exceptionally realistic feel while playing.

Pubg Mobile requires a good and stable internet connection and a precious high-end device to ensure an excellent gameplay experience that eliminates dips or slowdowns in FPS. Pubg Mobile requires minimum android version 5.1, or higher with at least 2GB RAM (Random Access Memory).

So, if we want to conclude, Free Fire has an edge over Pubg Mobile in terms of performance as it is available on almost every device so that any user who does not have an expensive device can play smoothly. If you have a great device in your hand that you can afford, then Pubg Mobile should be an option for you that offers a better gaming experience.

Character Comparison (Pubg vs Free Fire)

Free Fire takes over Pubg Mobile by providing several in-game playable characters. All in-game characters make for a more positive experience on such a battlefield. Several game characters are noticeably more striking and attractive, apart from the fact that they have the same characters with changes in clothing. Pubg has only 3-4 characters to use the same you have to spend the required UC for this.

But we will also conclude that Pubg Mobile has an end number of skins and clothes that can be bought and disassembled. Players are okay with small characters; then they have an end number of varieties to collect hides.

Free Fire has a variety and wide range of characters. After the OB27 update, Free Fire has the newest character named . introduced Xayne† Apart from this, Free Fire has already featured some popular characters such as Jai, Chrono, Kelly, Hayato, and so forth.

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Comparison of Cards (Pubg vs Free Fire)

free fire

Free Fire mainly offers three types of battle royal cards which are listed below:

  1. Bermuda
  2. Purgatory
  3. Kalahari

Short game modes:

  1. Classic
  2. Cosmic Racer
  3. Ranked game
  4. Clash Squad


Pubg Mobile has a wide variety of maps and other modes mentioned below-

  1. Erangle
  2. Miramar
  3. Karakin
  4. Sanhok
  5. Livik

Other game modes:

  • Arena: Domination (A, B, C points), Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Arena (Inventory, Warehouse), Assault.
  • Evo ground: Power Armor, Payload 2. Off
  • Arcade: War Mode, Quick Match and Sniper Training

Pubg also brings the latest modes with updates and collaborations.

limitations (Pubg vs Free Fire)

Free fire has the limit of play 50 members at the same time, while Pubg allows it 100 players play simultaneously. Due to the maximum number of players, the cards are much bigger compared to Free Fire which makes it more fun and enjoyable. It offers both longer and shorter game formats that Free Fire does not. Free Fire also has limited in-game graphics and controls, but with Pubg Mobile you can improve this with an upgrade in the device.


Considering all the factors of both Free Fire and Pubg Mobile, the game choice will depend on the user’s need. If you have a high-end device then Pubg is a better option for you, but Free Fire will satisfy your party even if you have a low-end device. Pubg Mobile offers a wide range and offers many things, making it a viable option over Free Fire if a device isn’t the issue. One should also consider this fact while downloading the Pubg Mobile game which is currently not available on the play store for Indian users.

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