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On January 22, 2022, the new state of Pubg released a new crate, a Frozen Wonderland crate. Players can get a Crystal Queen dress and a Crystal Fire Beryl M762 skin as a special reward by opening the chest. The frozen chest also contains other rewards such as a snow maiden backpack and helmet skin, snow cannon … Read More Frozen Wonderland crate in new condition Pubg

The new state of Pubg introduced Rimac Nevera car skins as a Rimac crate opening reward on January 14, 2022. These skins have a legendary and luxurious look. The best thing about the Ramic Navera car skins is that you can unlock them for free. Yes, it is possible to get them for free if you are very lucky… Read more How do I get Rimac Nevera car skins in Pubg new condition?

The new Pubg state has brought Skullfrost X-suit and Skull King-M416 skin into the Skull King chest. Skull frost cloak:- It is an upgradeable X-suit in the new state, and the player has to unlock it from the Skull King chest. Players can upgrade it to the 3rd level to get more features. (i) 1st Level Unlocks… Read More Skull king crate in pubg new condition – get Skullfrost cloak and skull king M416

In this latest update, Pubg: The New State has brought a lord of blood crate, which contains special rewards. But the Lord of Blood outfit and bloody SLR skins are the most valuable and attractive reward of all. The best part about the new mythical outfit and weapon skin is that players can upgrade them to… Read more About Lord of Blood crate in Pubg new condition

Do you know? The bots are best in pubg new state matches that help you increase your statics as you can kill them easily. So the players want to get more bots to increase their kill ratio, rank, whatever in the game. Who are bots and what do they look like? In pubg… read more How to get more bots in pubg new state?

Pubg New State Player can backup all settings and game progress in Facebook and Gmail account. It will help them log in to their game ID on any other device in the future. So, what’s the difference between Facebook and Gmail options? When you connect your FB account to New State, you will… Read More About account settings in pubg new state – Link, unlink, delete, transfer.

Every new pubg state player wants to keep a good KD ratio to prove they are the best killer. The KD stands for kills per death, and it is a number obtained by dividing the number of kills the player gets by the number of times he dies. Suppose if you play 5 matches and you get… Read more How to keep a good KD in pubg new condition?

Pubg players in the new state will either know in safe places or hot drops survival skill will fail without the best loot items. And the loot can be anything like backpacks, rifles, ammo, throws, attachments, armor. There are two maps in the new state of Pubg where 100 players can fall for the ranked battle. They are Erangle and… Read more What are the best loot locations in Pubg New State Maps?

If you’re familiar with PUBGM, you might know how popular the Erangle is. Likewise, in the new state of Pubg, most players prefer to play on the Erangle map because of its good qualities. The Erangle map has many safe and hot drop locations suitable for both compers and rusher. Furthermore, the area… Read more All about Erangle card in pubg new condition

The team deathmatch (TDM) is an unranked mode in pubg new state where players can use any armor for training. In the TDM match, the battle is between your team and those of your opponents, and the win-lose situation depends on more kills. The team must reach 40 points to beat the opponent in TDM, and… Read more Team deathmatch in pubg new condition: how do you win every match?

Updated: March 16, 2022 — 3:02 am

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