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Pubg new condition: Pubg is a world famous game brand that can be played on almost every platform. Pubg was first developed for PC and later became available for mobile devices. The mobile version has become extremely popular worldwide. After several days of success, Pubg released another lite version of Pubg for PC and mobile, known as Pubg PC Lite (Pubg Lite) and Pubg Mobile Lite respectively. After many successes, Pubg has become the number one choice of mobile gamers and looking around this data Pubg has announced Pubg New State for mobile.

Pubg New Bet

In this article, we will know all the feature information about Pubg New Stake where you will know the features of the upcoming game and also you will know how to pre-register in India.

Pubg New State: Features and How to Pre-register?

Pubg New Bet Items

As above I said that Pubg has become 1st choice for the Royale Battle Gamers and looking at these things Pubg has developed and named a futuristic game Pubg New State

In the game Pubg New Stake, the user will experience hi-tech guns, vehicles, grenades, drones and much more. Below are some features that will help you understand the game story and user idea.

Pubg New State: Game Storyline

  • Dive into PUBG: NEW STATE, the latest title from PUBG Studio, the creators of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.
  • Using different weapons and tactics, 100 survivors will compete against each other until only one player or team is left standing.
    With an ever-shrinking Blue Zone, players must find weapons, vehicles, and consumables to gain the upper hand.
  • Only the strongest will emerge as the “Lone Survivor” in this epic showdown.

Ultra-realistic graphics that push the boundaries of mobile gaming

  • Graphics that exceed the standard of mobile gaming with Global Illumination technology.
  • Dive into huge open worlds with the most realistic graphics available for mobile gaming.
  • With next-generation mobile graphics, PUBG: NEW STATE delivers the full Battle Royale experience right into the hands of players.

Realistic and dynamic firefight

  • Enjoy realistic firefights optimized for mobile gaming.
  • Master different weapons and make them all your own with weapon customization.

Next Generation Survival

  • Enjoy a variety of tools and features including drones, combat scrolls and more.
  • Explore huge 8×8 km open worlds with a variety of vehicles.
  • Use a variety of weapons to sway the battle in your favor for a more immersive battle royale experience.

Expanding the PUBG Universe

  1. It takes place in the near future and years have passed since the original game. In 2051, anarchy reigns as countless factions battle each other.
  2. The competition has evolved into a new battlefield with state-of-the-art technology where survivors must adopt new tactics to survive.

Pubg New Stake: official website, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram

  • Website:
  • YouTube:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:

Pubg New State: Frequently Asked Questions

How to pre-register Pubg New Stake?

Pubg New Stake is open for pre-registration on Google Play Store and App Store except for India, China and Vietnam. If you want to pre-register for the game, you need to open your Appstore and search for Pubg New Stake and there you will have the Pre-registration option.

How to Pre-register Pubg New State India?

Though the game is not available in India. If you want to pre-register, you can try VPN or just change the Play Store country to US.

What device specs are required to play Pubg New State?

Minimum device specs to play Pubg New Stake are: Android 6.0 or higher with 2.5GB RAM

Is Pubg New State free to play?

Yes, Pubg New Stake is available to play for free, but additional fees will be charged on paid item purchases.

How to remove access rights?

– Android 6.0 or higher

  • Revoke access by function: Settings>Applications>More (Settings and controls)>App settings>App access>Select access permissions>Select remove access
  • Revoke access by application: Settings>Applications>Select app>Select access rights>Select remove access

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Updated: March 16, 2022 — 3:50 am

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