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PUBG has announced the Pubg New State Application closed alpha test for US-based Android users. They have also released the Registration Process Guide. So in this article you will know every process to register for New State closed alpha test. If you are from the US and are eligible to register, please apply before the application period ends on June 6, 2021.

Pubg New State Alpha Registration Announced: Step-by-Step Process to Apply

The Alpha Test will focus on measuring early game performance, server and network stability, and evolving gameplay systems. It’s also a time for us to collect your first feedback to improve the game before it’s officially launched, so please make sure to complete all available surveys in full so we can pass this valuable feedback on to our development teams.

During the Alpha Test, survivors can access TROI’s first official map, PUBG: NEW STATE, in addition to a training map to practice using the game’s weapons, items, and vehicles.

We look forward to showing an early version of our game to a select group of alpha testers soon, but until then you’ll find more information below.

Alpha test schedule

  1. The user can register for the New State Closed Alpha Test between May 21 and June 6, 2021.
  2. PUBG will announce tester selection results on June 9, 2021
  3. User who registered and selected for Alpha Test can pre-download from 9 to 11 June 2021

Alpha Test Eligibility

  1. The user or testers must live in the US and use a compatible Android device (Android 6.0 or higher and 2.5 GB RAM or higher).
  2. The Google account used to apply must be used to download and participate the client.
  3. Please note that you may experience connectivity issues based on your location relative to the servers.
  4. Please note that you cannot access the Alpha via iOS devices.

Alpha test events

  1. User gets new outfits and in-game currency drops
  2. The Alpha Tester can use them freely during the Alpha Test period.
  3. Schedule: Outfits (after character creation) / In-game currency (June 12, June 13)
  4. ※ Please note that the items will be removed when game data is reset after the Alpha Test.

Survey Participation Event

User can provide feedback through the survey that will be conducted during the Alpha Test period. A handful of surveys will be selected to receive great PUBG: NEW STATE merchandise! Stay tuned for more details.

Clear Alpha Test Server

Please note that all game data collected on accounts during the alpha test will be reset and will not be transferred to the live service. So be prepared for the Alpha Test.

Alpha Test Customer Support

  1. Here Pubg New State Closed alpha Tester will open the Customer Support channel during the Alpha Test.
  2. You can ask in-game questions via [Settings][Customer Support][Make Inquiry]†
  3. It will greatly help us identify, investigate, and resolve issues if you include the following when asking a question.
  4. Details of the situation, your GameID, device specification, OS version, internet connection details.


Before entering the game, you need to know the policy, so make sure to check the PUBG: NEW STATE policy before participating in the Alpha Test. If you violate the Terms of Service or the Rules of Conduct, you will be banned from the Alpha Test and live service.

Pubg New State: Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game is PUBG: NEW STATE?

PUBG: NEW STATE inherits the best parts of the original game and recreates the original Battle Royale experience while developing it for new and current players alike.

Players can enjoy a variety of new features such as combat scrolls, drones, a futuristic ballistic shield, and an in-game weapon customization feature.

Players can get customization kits that allow them to transform various weapons with performance boosts, fire mode selection, and grenade launcher attachments.

Players can also hit the road and explore huge 8×8 open worlds with a variety of new vehicles.

Why is the Alpha Test only held in the US?

Since PUBG: NEW STATE is still in development, it’s important that we run a closed alpha test to measure performance, network stability, and key gameplay systems in development.

By limiting the Alpha test to one region, we can collect important data without diverting too many resources away from development.

I am a US citizen and currently living abroad. Can I request the Alpha Test?

The Alpha test is restricted to those who live in the US

How can I sign up to participate in the Alpha Test?

You can submit an application through the Alpha Test website. Please note that there will be a short survey upon registration. For more details, click here.

When can I request the Alpha test?

The Alpha Test application period runs from May 21 to June 6.

How can I check if I have been selected for the Alpha Test?

Check the Alpha Test website for selection status after June 9. We will also send an email to the Google account used to apply.

When does the actual Alpha Test start and end?

The Alpha Test runs from June 11 to June 13.

Will there be more Alpha Tests?

We are currently hyper-focused on the overall development of the game and the upcoming US Alpha Test.

If we plan to conduct further tests, we will definitely announce it on official channels.

What are the minimum device specifications for PUBG: NEW STATE?

The minimum device specs for PUBG: NEW STATE is Android 6.0 or higher and RAM 2.5GB or higher.

Is there an opportunity for iOS device users to participate in the Alpha Test?

The upcoming Alpha Test is only available to Android device users. If we plan to conduct further tests, we will definitely announce it on official channels.

That said, iOS pre-registration details will be revealed in the third quarter of this year.

Can I record or livestream images from the Alpha Test?

Naturally! You are free to do this.

How can I report bugs and make suggestions during the Alpha Test?

You can do this in-game by going to [Settings][Customer Support][Make Inquiry]†

Provide the following information for each request: situation details, GameID, device specification, OS version, and internet connection details.

What happens to my game data after the Alpha Test has ended?

All Alpha Test progress will be reset before the official release.

Can I buy something in-game during the Alpha Test?

There are no paid products available during the test. Certain items can be purchased with in-game currency.

Where can I learn more about PUBG: NEW STATE?

Check out our official PUBG: NEW STATE channels to leave your feedback and find the latest news!

Where can I learn more about PUBG: NEW STATE?

A. Check out our official PUBG: NEW STATE channels to leave your feedback and find the latest news!

Updated: March 16, 2022 — 6:38 am

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