PUBG New State ESP, Aimbot Hack & Cheat is ruining the game

PUBG New State has finally been released on Android and iOS devices and many people enjoy the game because of the improved and NEW GEN graphic design in PUBG. The game is similar to PUBG, BGMI and other similar games but NEW State has new gameplay mechanics and design.

PUBG New State has only been live for a week, but hackers have already taken over the game. Many people use cheats like ESP, Aimbot, No Recoil. The game has a huge hacking problem just like the other PUBG titles BGMI.

We are all aware that not only PUBG New State but pretty much all mobile multiplayer games are hacked by cheaters. They ruin everyone’s experience. Because PUBG is a fun game to play and it’s sad to see the state of PUBG New State.

What Kind Of Cheats Are Hackers Using In PUBG New State?

There are multiple amounts of cheats that cheaters and hackers spread on the internet. Most cheats are paid and some are free, and both cheats play the game so badly.

People are already selling hacks and cheats for the PUBG New State and it’s really sad to see a good game fall into the hands of cheaters. But since the game has only been out for a week, the developers are doing their best to fix the game’s cheaters and improve the anti-cheat.

There are a few cheats cheaters use in PUBG New State. Some of the hacks are given below.

  • ESP Hacks
  • aimbot hacks
  • No kickback hacks
  • Auto HeadShot Hacks
  • Fly car hacks

PUBG New State ESP Hacks

ESP hacks are commonly used in PUBG New State and many other games. The esp hack allows the cheater to observe the players hiding behind walls and objects. Many people use these cheats and even streamers because they can be hidden in their streams.

PUBG New State Aimbot Hacks

Aimbot hacks are used by cheaters to instantly kill players in the game. Aimbot sticks to the enemy’s head and kills the player instantly. You don’t even have to look to spot a player using the aimbot cheats in PUBG.

Why are we telling you this?

Protecting game integrity and keeping everyone’s game fair is very important to us. So people who are good at video games and not sure how cheats work. There are so many types of cheats that hackers create and spread on the internet so it is better to stay away from them because they can even hack your phone if you install those applications on your phones.

How to spot/report a cheater in PUBG New State?

pubg new condition cheats hacks

Spotting a cheater in a PUBG New State is difficult because many cheaters try to hide their cheats while playing the game, which means turning their hacks on and off in-game so that people can’t report them.

In addition, some cheaters use exploits, such as esp or no recoil, which make it difficult to catch these cheaters. So we need to keep a close eye on them to determine who uses hacks and who doesn’t.

So when you die at the hands of a cheater, I suggest you watch him for a while and see his moves and gameplay style. It will let you know the difference between a good player and a cheater.

If the spotted player is a cheater, report them immediately through the in-game reporting system. So the PUBG New State report managers can immediately ban them by checking out the gameplay.

Updated: March 25, 2022 — 5:51 am

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