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PUBG New State is arguably the most anticipated and anticipated round of the year right now. With the announcement of the game’s delivery a few days earlier, gossip showed that PUBG Mobile’s continuation was really underway. Fight Royal fans were consistently amazingly excited about the game’s release. Even though the release date of the new title is not yet known at this time, the pre-registration measure is in full swing. Recently, in an online media post for PUBG New State, fans got a taste of the game’s setting, designs and visual interface. In this article, we discuss the recent updates shared by the game developers on the official social media handles.

PUBG New State Graphics and interface details:-

A post shared by the PUBG New State on the official Twitter handle on March 3, 2021 stated, “Stay tuned to our official social media channels for the latest exclusive content we are preparing for PUBG: NEW STATE!”. This means that the game is in development and will be available to fans soon.The official release date has yet to be announced, but the trailer is already between us.

The three parts shared reveal some parts of the game:

  • PUBG New State will have both the FPP and TPP continuous interaction highlights, similar to its unique variant.
  • The game will consolidate Ultra-HD designs and extraordinary guiding surfaces with clear and deeply soaked vintage frames.
  • The contours shown have a faint hint that makes it appear as if it is set in a modern suburb.
  • A few recently presented strategic shields can be placed on the ground and used as a guarded mechanism.
  • The in-game interface is almost the same as the first PUBG Mobile variant, but has some changes in appearance (new kill feed counter, grid lines, voice chat and settings choices, blue zone meter and other features).

Updated: April 5, 2022 — 7:56 pm

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