How to Participate in My New State Squad Challenge

Today Krafton launched a new challenge for gamers from PUBG New State. New State in PUBG My New State Squad Challenge started today and will end on January 12, 2022. Get your squad together! Share your team’s best moments on social media! (Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MyNewStateSquad.) Which of the 100 chicken medals will be awarded to the lucky survivors? Let’s learn more about the challenge and how to get involved.

PUBG New State: Participate in My New State Squad Challenge

    • Play PUBG: NEW STATE in a squad with your friends.
    • Take a screenshot or video of your squad.
    • Upload it to your own social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) using the hashtag #MyNewStateSquad.
    • Submit event entry information through Google Forms.
  • EVENT REWARD (Total 100 survivors)- 100 Chicken Medals per winner
  • EVENT DURATION JAN 8 (SAT) 00:00 UTC ~ JAN 12 (WED) 23:59 UTC

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  • After uploading to social media, you must submit the requested information via Google Forms within the event period to complete your entry.
  • To determine the authenticity of the submission, screenshots must include your in-game nickname.
  • If you do not submit the requested information through Google Forms during the duration of the event or if you submit false information, you may be excluded from the selection process.
  • Winners are chosen at random.
  • Even if you submit screenshots multiple times, you will not be selected to receive duplicate rewards.
  • Disadvantages caused by the unauthorized use of screenshots of other players lie with the publisher of the message.
  • If the play results are shown in the screenshot, you must get permission from squad members prior to submission.
  • Event details are subject to change.
  • By using the hashtag (#MyNewStateSquad) to participate in the event, your social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) account information may be used and collected to confirm your participation.
  • By using the hashtag (#MyNewStateSquad) to participate in the event, you agree to the use of the uploaded content for marketing purposes.

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Updated: March 15, 2022 — 10:15 pm

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