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There are rumors of the launch of a new state soon. But we will tell when the new state will be launched. This game was supposed to come out this year. According to the developer, this game will be released this year.

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In the process of this development, there is good news for all Pubg Mobile lovers, especially in India. The company that created Pubg Mobile has made another announcement that it is about to launch a new game, which will be called Pubg: New State. According to their developer, they are thinking of finalizing it as soon as possible.

Pubg: New condition

Pubg: New condition

Pubg Release Date: New Condition

By the way, according to the developer of pubg, new state started launching this game this year. But no official announcement has been made on their behalf. The company claims that they will be releasing more information about it soon and until the game launches, they will continue to update on the completion of the development process.

How to pre-register? and this is paid or free?

You all know that when Pubg Mobile was launched, it was free for everyone. Although Pubg PC was not free.

The Pubg: The new state will also be completely free. There are many ways to pre-register this game. You can pre-register for the Pubg: New State from the link below or you can visit their official website and pre-register from there.

Pubg: New condition: Pre-register here

The pre-registration is now live. You can also pre-register for Pubg New State on Play Store except for India, China and Vietnam. These countries are currently unable to pre-register and no announcement has been made by Krafton at this time.

When will Pubg: new State be available for Indian gamers?

However, Krafton has not made any announcement about this. But it is expected to be launched in India soon as well. Since PUBG mobile is banned in India, everyone should be wondering if the game will launch in India or not.

Pubg New State is (is) being developed by the original pubg developer of Pubg Studio and as it has no Chinese relationship it is expected to be launched in India soon.

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Pubg: New State Trailer Released

Pubg recently released the trailer of the Pubg New State on their official website

From this half-minute trailer, it is clear that Pubg New State is ready for the future, and it is also said that this is a futuristic game with high graphics, unique weapons, high performance and cross-platform compatibility. The trailer of this game shows that this game will bring new features such as drones and hi-tech weapons.

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Updated: March 16, 2022 — 11:46 am

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