What is new in Volume 2 of Survivor Pass

PUBG New State Survivor Vol. 2 will be out on December 9th! Bella from the Dream Runners Faction is the main character in the story of this Pass. To collect all of Bella’s costumes, complete the floor missions. Here’s what else is new in Survivor Pass Volume 2.

PUBG New State Survivor Pass Vol. 2

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  • Upgraded Level Rewards for the Premium Pass
  • Rewards now include vehicle skins and more character costumes!
  • 1,500 NC are rewarded to survivors upon reaching level 48 of the Premium Pass
  • Added BP Chests as Free Pass Reward

“Due to the feedback we’ve received from countless survivors, you can achieve 1,500 NC by reaching level 48 of the Premium Pass, which will allow you to purchase the next Premium Pass.”

New lobby theme

  • The lobby background and music has been changed to a winter festival theme.
  • The background of the BP Store has also been updated!

PUBG New State Survivor Pass Vol. 2: Here’s What’s New in Part 2 of the Survivor Pass

Character controls and actions

  • Fixed an issue with joystick controls in control schemes #1 and #2 so that control sensitivities are now correctly applied based on the size of the joystick controls
  • Parkour moves can now be performed on farther doors.
    • Changed the combat roll mechanics so that when performing a combat roll when your boost meter is 20 or higher, you instead perform a boost roll and cover more ground
      • Boost Meter Below 20: Normal Roll
      • Boost meter above 20 – below 90: Boost Roll (Tier 1)
      • Boost meter over 90: Boost Roll (Tier 2)

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  • Changed vehicle entry parameters so you don’t have to be right next to the vehicle door to enter it
  • Improved the [Drive]† [Get In]and [Door] buttons so they respond faster
  • Improved vehicle controls for Nova, Volta and Dacia
  • Improved left/right rotation mechanisms to be smoother than before
  • The Nova electric sports car changed from four-wheel drive to front-wheel drive
  • Increase the size of the Boost button in the default button settings
  • Changed the Boost button so that tapping in Auto-Drive no longer cancels Auto-Drive
  • Radios added to vehicles
  • Fixed the buoyancy of vehicles in the water so that it is applied normally
  • The time the engine runs when a vehicle is submerged in water has been reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds

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Station (Team Deathmatch)

  • The area behind the spawn points has been reduced so that a team cannot position itself behind the enemy’s spawn point
  • Changed the spawn areas so that each team’s spawn areas are now marked in their respective team colors (blue/red) to make it easier to identify each team’s base
  • Changed the Report button to always be visible in TDM

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Merit Point System

  • A sanction system has been added to penalize negative behavior.
    • Regulations:
      • A Survivor’s merit points decrease if they are reported for team kills or other forms of negative behavior, and multiple reports result in a lower score.
      • If their Merit Points fall below a certain score, the Survivor will be limited from playing Squad Mode. (They can still play in Solo mode.)
      • Playing Solo mode allows them to slowly increase their Merit Points over time.
      • Once their score is high enough, the restriction is lifted and they can play Squad Mode again.

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Map updates

  • General improvements made to graphics quality


  • Based on feedback we’ve received from the community, BP’s refund amounts are now higher when purchasing duplicate items.
  • Emotes can now be used in the lobby. Try out group emotes with your friends!
  • Game tips now appear on loading screens.
  • Survivors banned for using unauthorized third party programs will be removed from ranks in real time. (There may be a slight system delay.)

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Updated: March 17, 2022 — 5:07 am

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