PUBG or Free fire game? Which is the best online game?

‘Is pubg game better than free fire?’ A really tough question, isn’t it?

Everyone has a different opinion on this question. Some players’ favorite game is pubg. While others do not sleep at night to play free fire game.

But the truth is that they are both online battle royale game and the players favor them according to certain conditions and expectations.

What do you think? Is Free fire online game good compared to PUBGM? Or are you a pubg lover and hate the free fire?

And why are you the biggest fan of the PUBG mobile, and why not for the free fire?

Let’s discuss!


Nowadays you see the high end device and internet reached in all parts of the world at a cheap price. As a result, something has changed.

Yes, some things have changed!

The market for online games has soared.

And it’s not a lie, you’ve seen this trend.
From kids to adults and adults to kids, they are all addicted to online games like clash royale, pubg mobile, clash of clan, free fire, Fortnite, mobile legend and many more”.

Surprisingly, there are over 500 million pubg players and over 60 million free fire players.

So, don’t you think these two games are in trend? Millions of global players stare at their bright device for pubg and free fire until midnight?

The player who is in the habit of playing pubg does not like free fire. While whoever plays free fire hates pubg. Is it not?

It’s true

But let’s compare online game pubg and free fire to know which one is best and favorite.


Tencent’s pubg game has won a million from the global player in a short period of time. The pubg game not only looks like an online game but also social media. Yes, social media feature!

You know it’s an online game with the world player, so the player from another continent. They can play and communicate together.

Rating: 4.2 stars

Download: 100M+ (a most downloaded online game from the Play Store.

free fire

The free fire of the Garena is also a trending online game like pubg with millions of active players. But you can’t say that both games are the same. The free fire game is somehow mythical and imaginative.

Rating: 4.3 stars
Downloads: 500M+ (a most downloaded game in 2019)

Which game is best under Pubg vs Free fire?

To know the best game between free fire and pubg, here is the comparison focused on few points.

about battlefield

On pubg, there are 4 types of classic battlefields namely Orange, Sanhok, Miramar and LIVIK.

Among them, the Livik card is the smallest. While others consume 25-35 minutes to get chicken dinner.

Likewise, on the free fire, there are three types of the classic battlefield. And they are Bermuda, Kalahari, Purgatory. And each match has a time span of 15 minutes.

Pubg mobile has more ranked cards than in the Free fire, but more time to be the winner. What do you say? I don’t know, think of yourself. Because one player likes it short and sweet, while others like to have more and more fun.

About graphics and quality

Compared to free fire, pubg mobile looks like a real one. Because the graphic quality of pubg mobile is more qualitative than the free fire.

But if you have a low-end device, it would be hard for you to play pubg smoothly.
Still you think pubg is the best? If you can’t play the game smoothly, then why should you forget about it.

Quality PUBG free fire
Graphic Smooth-Ultra HD Smooth-Ultra
FPS Low-90FPS Normal-High
Sound Low-Ultra normal

However, if you have a gaming phone, I think pubg can beat free fire.
There are more simultaneous players in PUBG than in the free fire game.

About elite pass

On pubg you can upgrade your elite pass with UC. May also refund your UC, if you reach 100 ranks above. So you can upgrade again in another season.

While in free fire you can upgrade your elite pass with diamonds.
But there is no facility of the fund. You also need to top up diamonds for each elite pass.

Just reload PUBG UC once and play for a lifetime and reload diamond from time to time in the free fire.
Don’t you think the PUBG will save you money somehow?

About control and sensitivity

On Pubg mobile you can choose your sensitivity from very low to very high.
And the same for the control setting.


You can’t do that in a free fire set your sensitivity to more than 100% of each.


Weapon upgrade is all in free fire. If you advance your weapons and weapons with real money, the power of your weapon will increase. Don’t you find it a little uncomfortable? Which player will do who does not have the money to upgrade his items? Yes, they remain noob despite an experience. The normal player will not last long for the investor.


In pubg game, there is no discrimination between the player. Neither noob nor pro player has high low weapons.

If someone upgrades their gear with real money, the damage will not take.
But only the skin and appearance of the item will change.
For example, you upgrade the M416 glacier in PUBG you get a new skin, not a new power.

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