100+ Badass PUBG Quotes, Status & Captions (Motivational & Funny)

2. PUBG is the first and last in mind!

3. I Never Played Pubg But when I started playing It, I got a fever for Pubg!

4. Hide Noobs in Gatka, Pro plays in Pochinki!

Pubg Quotes & Status
Pubg Quotes & Status

5. Only the fun is getting one light gun!

6. It’s not Pubg Mobile, the Mobile is just for Pubg!

7. Playing Pubg all night is an action, sleeping all day is an opposite reaction, with time remaining the same as Force! – Newtons from 2021

8. I’m not afraid while playing Pubg, it’s just a fear of losing Chicken Dinner!

9. You definitely have Thompson if there’s no option!

10. Even 24/7 is not enough time to play Pubg Mobile!

Pubg Headshot Quotes

1. I go on the bed, only after I shoot my enemy’s head!😂😅

2. If you hit head it’s a headshot, but if you miss head it’s BadShot!😅😅

3. Don’t climb Altitude or I’ll shoot you in the head with my Kar98!😅😅

4. Headshot means dead shot!

5. Your time will be bad if I have a Level 3 helmet on my head!😅😅

Quotes from Pubg Conqueror

Pubg Conqueror Quotes Status
Pubg Conqueror Quotes Status

1. Noob Die at 20 Ping, Conqueror Player Kills enemy even at 968 Ping!😅😍

2. To reach in Conqueror, you must sacrifice through death thousands of times!

3. In Conqueror you have to roar when you have your favorite M4!😎😬

4. Don’t ask for my degree, I’m in conqueror!

5. Conqueror players are not professionals, they are perfectionists!😎😍

6. I’m Pubg Conqueror Graduate!

Pubg Sad Missing Quotes

1. You know, I miss Pubg more than my girlfriend!

2. I really loved Pubg and can’t play Pubg now so it’s driving me nuts!

3. I look sad, doesn’t mean I’m unhappy, it’s just the side effects of Pubg Mobile!

4. I think I killed thousands of players that’s why I can’t Pubg now!

5. There is no Pubg just because I have committed a few sins in my past!

Pubg Chicken Dinner Quotes

1. I’m done with wine because the chicken dinner is only mine!

2. Chicken Dinner is always for Non-wage guys in Pubg!

3. Fear of losing the chicken dinner is the equipment to win the chicken dinner!

4. I lost in Pubg, so tonight I’m having a Fried Rice Dinner!😅😍😅

5. People don’t win in Pubg because they are vegetarians!

Pubg taglines

1. Conquer the battlefield!

2. Bounty Hunters!

3. Hunger for chicken!

4. Be Hungry, Not Angry!

5. Level 4 players!

6. When you snore, we roar!

7. Beasts with the Twists!

8. PhD At RIP!

9. Royal Warriors!

10. Destroy in seconds!

Don’t Play Pubg Quotes

1. If you can’t feed yourself playing Pubg, stop playing now!

2. Don’t just play Pubg for entertainment, play it to learn something new about life!

3. There is no difference between Cocaine and Pubg, both are addiction and can ruin your life!

4. Stop playing Pubg, it’s the most addictive game in the world!

5. If you haven’t settled your life yet, stop playing Pubg now!

Pubg Noob Quotes

1. You’re a bot if you can’t kill the enemy with Red Dot!

2. Noob Bots Can’t Take Headshots!

3. I’m not a noob, I’m just getting started Baby!

Pubg Pro Quotes

1. Professional players are not professionals, they are perfectionists!

2. I’m a pro player and every player is a noob to me, not because I’m a pro, because I have more experience!

3. I’m a pro today because I was a noob yesterday!

4. When you play one match in Pubg with Pro, he becomes your Badass Bro!

5. If you want to grow, be a Pubg Pro!

Back to Pubg Quotes

1. I’m back to Pubg because I haven’t found a solution to overcome my depression!

2. I’m back to Pubg because I went to bring my fork to eat chicken!

3. Back to Pubg to remember all my Pubg fun!

4. I’m back, so pay attention, because my headshot is always a deadshot!

5. I’m back to Pubg because she won’t come back into my life!

M416 Pubg Quotes

1. M416= Machine That’s enough In front of murder Sixteen players!

2. The only gun that roars is one and only M4!

3. M416 can close the game of sixteen!

4. There’s only one confident pistol in Pubg: M416!

5. You can’t even snore with Shotgun, but you can roar with M4!

Awm Pubg Quotes

1. AWM looks green when it has no skin!

2. I am not an AWM fan, I am an AWM enthusiast!

3. All Pubg lovers love AWM like they love girls!

4. AWM Motto: “Come, Zoom and Boom”!

5. When AWM appears, glow up and blow up!

Pubg Squad Quotes

1. When the enemy is worst, my team comes first!

2. My squad on the road is always ready to roar!

3. I swear my Pubg squad is so rare!

4. There’s more fun when my team players are ready with helmet, vest and rifle!

5. I’m bored when my team players snore!

Pubg VS Freefire Quotes

1. Freefire requires free fire, where in Pubg you must fire beforehand!

2. Kid plays Freefire, man plays Pubg!

3. Don’t play Freefire after playing Pubg, you’ll say what the F**K this is!

4. When a Pubg fan plays Freefire, they respect Pubg!

5. Freefire gives you a noob tag, where Pubg gives you a pro tag with extra swag!

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Advantages of Pubg

1. Playing Pubg can increase the reflex speed of your brain’s motor neurons, which aids in quick reactions and accelerations. The reaction speed of our brains!

2. Playing Pubg can earn you millions of dollars if you have great marketing skills.

3. Playing Pubg allows you to make new friends online if you don’t have any friends in your real life!

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