PUBG Redeem Codes Today 2022 (Updated)

PUBG Mobile has introduced a new feature which is Redeem Code, with redemption codes you can get free popularity, gun skins and more free stuff. Stay tuned to get new upcoming PUBG Mobile redemption codes for 2022.

Redeem PUBG Mobile Codes New

Redeem PUBG Codes 2022

How can I get a Pubg Redeem Code? PUBG offers redemption codes for its Twitch, Discord Server and YouTube account during Live Stream. And sometimes it is also provided with the help of tweets. We have collected some working Pubg Redeem Codes 2022.

PUBG Mobile Popularity Code Redeem

This code is not valid for all users. With this code you can get 600 popularity in PUBG Mobile for free.


Redeem PUBG Mobile Helmet Skin Code

With this redemption code you can receive a free PUBG mobile helmet skin. This skin is legendary and for a limited time. It’s not permanent.


PUBG Mobile Free Outfit Code Redeem

PUBG Mobile Outfit Redemption Code is available for limited users only. This redemption code will give you a free Legendary Outfit for a limited time.


Redeem PUBG Mobile Gun Skin Code

With this redemption code you can get a free M416 Gun Skin. But this is only for limited people, not for everyone. Just try it, I hope you will enjoy these Limited People too.


Other Redemption Codes


Using Pubg Codes to Redeem

After you get the redemption codes, you need to activate those pubg redemption codes, for that you need to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open your mobile PUBG ID and copy your character ID.

Pubg Mobile Free Redemption Codes

Step 2: Go to PUBG Mobile Redeem Center: Click Here

Redeem Pubg Code Tutorial

Step 3: Paste in your character ID and swap code

Pubg Mobile Redemption Code Updated

Step 4: Insert the verification code

Redeem Pubg Mobile Code New 2021

Step 5: Click the REDEEM button

Tutorial Redeem Pubg Mobile Code

Everything you’ve done | Stay tuned with us, we will share more new Pubg Mobile redemption codes as soon as possible. & Don’t forget to share with your friends and teammates. Thank you

Updated: March 16, 2022 — 2:09 am

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