How to win and use Mileage Points in PUBG New State?

PUBG New State, which recently changed its identity to New State Mobile, has quickly become extremely popular among games around the world. After Gerena Free Fire was banned in India, New State Mobile is also seen as an alternative to Free Fire. And now the game has announced that it has added a Mileage system to the game.

New State Mobile players can earn miles through boxes. Reporting on the same New State Mobile said, “We now have a Mileage system available in NEW STATE MOBILE. From February 19, you can collect Mileage Points through certain crates. Once you have collected a certain amount of Mileage Points, you can exchange them for special rewards.”

Players should note that these mileage points have an expiration date. When a box’s sales period ends, the Miles points accumulated with that specific box will expire and players will not be able to use them. Therefore, players must ensure that they use Miles from a specific box before the box’s sale period ends.


Earn and use Miles Points

  • Players can earn Mileage Points by opening certain crates that players obtain with NC, Chicken Medals, or Crate Tickets.
  • Each of these boxes offers different Mileage Points that can be redeemed for a specific set of rewards.
  • Players can earn Mileage Points by opening crates they can get in the store or by using crate tickets to events.

Using mileage points?

  • In order to use your Mileage Points, players must collect a certain type of Mileage Points.
  • Once players have accumulated enough points to redeem for a special reward, they will see an icon in the mile bar.
  • Players must tap the icon to see the rewards popup and claim the reward.

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Updated: March 13, 2022 — 11:32 am

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