PUBG Season 11 Will Be Released With The Return Of Paramo Map

PUBG Season 11 is about to kick off with Paramo’s return. This is a very famous scene of this battle royale game when a new patch is released. Developers have the notes of the new PUBG update on their website. Among them, there is a special event that gamers will enjoy, which is the return of Paramo.

New Changes in PUBG Season 11 Update

While the fan community has to say goodbye to Haven and Kararin, gamers can play Paramo in casual and custom matches. Like the other cards, Paramo still has its random elements. But you will notice that an additional random location is now possible. In addition, the developers have also increased the appearance speed of secret rooms and helicopters for care packages. At the same time, the fields also get more mulch.

in contrast to PUBG Season 10, the developers will limit the number of playable cards to five from the 11.1 update. The developers are making matchmaking and card rotation a “pretty difficult task” as they continue to create new cards. They also understand the user’s preference that the majority would prefer the large 8×8 cards, while each person’s preferences were still very different.

Accordingly, Erangel and Miramar will be two available cards. Meanwhile, the remaining cards spin in and out of the remaining three slots. Away Cycle Maps also give PUBG developers a chance to work on it a bit for when they return. As for the update 11.1, the map of Paramo will replace Karakin in the rotation.

Since the 11.1 update, players can no longer play more than 5 cards.
Since the 11.1 update, players can no longer play more than 5 cards.

PUBG Season 11 also brings a new feature called Emergency Pickup. Basically, this feature makes it possible to send a giant Fulton balloon into the sky and drive to the center of the safe zone when attached to an aircraft.

Some tweaks along with the return of PUBG Season 11 Paramo

PUBG Season 11 will be the start of a new runtime for each section. Unlike before, they will work for two months in a row and will no longer be suitable for the survival pass† To compensate for this, the developers have made adjustments to the ranked reward table.

Accordingly, the developers have noticed that players use the emblem rewards a lot, especially at high rankings. And most players will tend to use decals from the most recent season rather than the older seasons. Therefore, to highlight and celebrate the recent ranking achievements of gamers, they offer ranked decals and similar symbolic rewards. However, the rewards are only available for players to use during the current season they received. In addition, the ranked skin rewards are still permanent items that players can use every season.

Each PUBG season lasts for 2 months and the developer has compensated for this by offering a lot of new ranked prizes.
Each PUBG season lasts for 2 months and the developer has compensated for this by offering a lot of new ranked prizes.

The weapons are also balanced

As for the PUBG Season 11, you’ll also notice that weapons spawn rates have increased in the ranked mode, similar to the Esports mode on all maps. Thus, the player saves time looting thanks to the increase in the number of item spawns (from 30% to 40%).

Weapons such as: mini-14VSS and SCAR-L are also balanced and increased damage. Visit the PUBG website to learn more about all the notes.

It’s all about the return of the Paramo map, as well as notable changes and improvements that players should be aware of in the patch notes 11.1. I hope this information will be useful to you. Don’t forget to update the PUBG news to install PUBG Season 11 as soon as possible.

Updated: March 14, 2022 — 1:40 pm

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