Pubg Mobile vs Fortnite – 7 things to keep in mind –

We know that both PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are among the most popular multiplayer games in the world. In this article, Keeping 7 things in mindwe will check these two games to see which game someone loses.

pubg vs fortnite

Besides, both PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are very popular games. But both games have their own specialties. We will talk about some factors such as: graphics, gameplay, maps, weapons, availability, subtests, popularity.

Because there are many new and old battle royale games like Apex Legend and Call of Duty: Warzone“But Pubg mobile and Fortnite still have a lot of fans and both games have their own place in multiplayer royale games. If you are interested in multiplayer royale games, then Pubg and Fortnite should be your first choice. Before you start any game, you should read this article, then you can easily decide which games are best for you.

#1. Graphics

The most important thing when focusing on these games is: What do they look like?

Graphics This is a basic factor of any game so we can guess a lot of things about that game. Each game has its own different graphic and design† The image describes the compatibility of the game. We all know that both games are way ahead of other games in terms of graphics.

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Speaking of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, PUBG is a mobile game that pays attention to realistic game design. PUBG GAME has made a big impression on people with its realistic maps, characters, weapons and gameplay.

lwhen we talk about Fortnite, The style of this game is completely different from that of PUBG Mobile. The Fortnite game has goals on bold, cartoonish game style. The goal is not to make things look real, but to catch the eye. The characters of this game are all seen in this cartoon style.

Apart from all these things, both Pubg and Fortnite games also show how they were actually played. Pubg mobile game is more focused on the ground combat, while aand made the game realisticmaking it easier for players to hide.

# Winner – Pubg Mobile

#2. Gameplay

From a graphical point of view, they both follow a very different game style, but When we talk about the gameplay, both the games, PUBG and Fortnite follow the same basic structure† In both games, 100 players land on the map at the same time and fight for survival. But when it comes to the gameplay experience, the two games look very different. in both the games fight to survive in a shrinkage zone. This Zone is simply called as blue zone in PubgMobile.

What makes Fortnite different from PUBG and other games is the building mechanics. Building the structure is part of the Fortnite game from the beginning to mastering this important feature of the Fortnite game. In Fortnite, players create the structure ranging from simple walls to Defensive Fortress

Apart from that, both Pubg and Fortnite feel completely different to play. Whether Pubg and Fortnite are similar in gameplay, but are actually not comparable. Fortnite is a fast, arcade game like experience game while Pubg a . is slow and more methodical game† The players must plan before making decisions in the game. The pubg player must have patience in the game.

#Winner: Fortnite

#3. Cards

Although the structure of both games is similar, their experience is quite different from each other. It’s not enough to be an expert in the game, with just skills† If you don’t learn the full map, you can’t become an expert. Learning this terrain and using the features of each card is a very important part of the game.

Speaking of the Pubg mobile then, It has many cards and different styles† Maps in pubg mobile look more realistic compared to Fortnite. PUBG Mobile always updates the map from time to time. Whenever a new season starts in PUBG, some events will also be displayed along with the map. PUBG Cell Phones card is huge and comes with many opportunities

The same Fortnite game only offers you one card. But they always get updates on that map. Every season we get to see some new updates, some features are also added to the map, so some features are removed for example. Each season changes are made to the map and new features come and go.

In both games we get to see the changes during each season.
But when we talk about cards from Pubg Mobile vs Fortnitethen there is no credibility in this, we always get to see many kinds of maps and events in Pubg mobile, that’s why
We can see that PUBG is ahead of Fortnite when it comes to maps.

#Winner: Pubg Mobile

#4. weapons

Pubg whose focus is more on making things realistic, so the weapons found in Pubg mobiles are also very realistic and have more depth compared to weapons found in Fortnite. Each weapon has its own specialty in PUBG mobile and it also depends on the properties associated with it.

We can put different attachments in different weapons. If we talk about the popular gun in PUBG, then M416 and AKM stay on top of it. Apart from this, many powerful weapons can be found in it such as: Groza and M249 that is the drop cannon and much more powerful of other weapons.

On the other hand, when they talk about Fortnite, they make their weapons fun and easy use. At high levels, how to use a gun is just as difficult, but anyone can quickly learn how to use the novice if they give time towards it. Apart from these basic weapons, Fortnite also offers much better and excellent weapons when you look at mythical weapons. These weapons function as magical weapons and require too much effort to handle properly.

Choosing between different weapons is made easy in Fortnite because of the color-coded loot system, making it easy to decide which weapon is best for players. If you want to choose the best gun in Pubg Mobile, then we have to compare stats of different weapons and their damage and many more things. This makes pubg more complex and gives a more realistic experience

Therefore, both games have their own good and bad qualities. So I have to make sure that both games are equal in terms of weapons.

#Winside: tie

#5. Updates

We know that both games run on a very live server,
PUBG and Fortnite should always bring updates to trust regularly to keep the user engaged in the game. Since the launch of pubg mobile they have followed the same period for updates. Pubg has been following the same path for its updates since it was officially launched.

Each season in PUBG lasts 8 weeks, then they bring a new season update after a few days. Along with the updates of the season, they bring many more new things and features.Speaking of every update, fixes errors in it, improves user experience and more

Fortnite is different from all multiplayer royale games, they always take updates in the games. They keep updating their map constantly and getting updates for the changes in the games. When there is constant change and new features in games, no game can ever come close to FortniteThese updates also bring new characters from different cultures, the franchise basically superheroes.

Keep both games constantly updating their games to improve the gaming experience and user engagement with games by adding new features every day. when it comes to updates, no one can leave Fortnite† He always updated his only card and kept many new features and continued to fix bugs. therefore the winner is Fortnite in terms of Update.

#Winner: Fortnite

#6. popularity

Both games don’t matter in popularity. But when we talk about multiplayer games, popularity matters. because any multiplayer battle royale game could function without a large user base.
More popularity means more user base.

When PUBG launched, no game could come up with to go around this game. The user base of this game used to be very high for one to two years. Gradually, players started to show interest in other royale games like top legend and in doing so, his popularity began to wane. After the ban on pubg in indiait has lost a large user base from India. But even then this game still has a huge user base

Fortnite continued to support its game and keep its users engaged. Besides keeping the user base constant, it has also increased the user base. Noh it is more popular than pubg in western countries Keeping all this in mind, we can say that Fortnite has beaten Pubg Mobile in terms of popularity.

#Winner: Fortnite

#7. availabilty

Popularity One of the main factors that helped Fortnite get a large user base on board is how easy it is to get into it. Fortnite has been free to play for everyone on all platforms since the launch of Fortnite in July 2017. Once inside, you can play the full game for as long as you like without wasting time.

Fortnite is widely available on almost every major platform. You can play it on
Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and Android Mobile
For now, iOS has been blocked from devices due to a bit of Apple company pull.

If you leave the mobile you have to pay to play pubg mobile on other platforms. PUBG was initially launched for PC, later it was launched for mobile. You didn’t have to pay a lot of money yet, this created a barrier between the pubg mobile and the players. Because of this, more people have made Fortnite the first choice for players in royale multiplayer games instead of Pubg Mobile.

Pubg is available on almost all game platforms that is Fortnite. Pubg is now exchanging Nintendo Switch for Google Stadia. Pubg, unlike Fortnite, is available on iOS devices, but not for MAC. Therefore, both games performed well in terms of availability on Gaming Platforms.


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Updated: March 12, 2022 — 6:26 pm

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