What is rating protection card in Pubg mobile? How and when it is used? –

Rating Protection Card is the reward given to every PUBG mobile player to increase their rank in times of need. The card acts as a shield that prevents your rank from being minimized.

It helps the players when they want to increase their rank and save their points. So if you’ve used the Protection card, you can save your points even if you get killed by your opponent.

Why does the player want to increase the rank?

Pubg mobile players want to increase their rank to prove that they are pro and proficient, so they use the trigger rating protection.
If the player increases their rating, they also get different rewards for the next season. And the rewards can be anything like a silver fragment name tag, title and much more.

How do you get more rating points?

Survival time

Your points depend on the survival time, so you can collect more rating points if you can survive long in battle.

Kill and damage

Another method of increasing ration points is to kill your enemies before they kill you. You also get points if you miss your opponent but shoot some bullets at them.

Use of health kits

You can get extra points by consuming Pubg health kits.
Health kits are first aid kits, painkillers, energy drinks, bandages.

Is it hard to push the rankings?

If you have good skills and the best team, yes, then it’s not hard to push the points. But if you’re playing with any player or any team, then it’s hard.

  • They don’t do teamwork.
  • They don’t share the loot.
  • May also disturb you and ignore your correct direction.
  • Finally, most of the unknown partner plays to act irresponsibly with you, so you have to lose points because of this.

Therefore, you can’t maintain coordination with an unknown team, so you can’t collect any more points.

In addition, to increase the ranking, you must use your rating protection card wisely.

How to get a protection rating card?

You can get a rating protection card for free, but in a limited number.
Free royal pass and crown band are the methods to get the protection card for free. With the free royal pass you can get three cards. You also get three cards when you reach the crown band.

When should you use the PUBG mobile rating protection card? Best way to use.

To reach the ACE band, use the map of crown III. As the shape of the crown increases competition, you will have to face an opponent with similar skills to yours.

How to activate and use the security card?

  • Tap the inventory box.
  • Go to the PUBG store.
  • Tap rating card security to activate it.

Or, to deactivate the PUBG mobile trigger rating protection card, follow the same procedure and deselect the option.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use a rating protection card at Ace and Conqueror level?

No, you cannot use the card above the crown layer.

  • Can I buy level protection card in Pubg mobile?

No, you cannot buy.

  • How long can I keep the card?

You can keep the rating security card until you don’t use it anymore.

Updated: March 23, 2022 — 12:53 am

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