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To increase your level, you can play the match with your team or alone. Many PUBG players want to reach the conqueror level but they fail. Because either they don’t have the best squad and partner, or they lose hope due to a lack of technique and tips. However, only the ‘squad’ is not an option to gain the rank of conqueror as you can level up by playing as a solo mode.

In solo mode you play the match without your teammate. That is, single versus single. But the problem is that it is difficult to increase the rank if you go to the battlefield alone because;

  • There will be a lack of back strength (team).
  • You meet the experienced camper.
  • You will not get a higher rank even if you are in the top 10.
  • Requires a high-end device.
  • You will be bored because you will be alone, so you will soon give up.

Those are some of the difficulties you will face to reach the conqueror rank in solo mode.
But if you have the required skill and technique, no one can stop you.

You can easily get the conqueror level in solo mode on PUBG mobile by:

Find a safe place.

You are in solo mode and you don’t have your friends to save you on the battlefield. Therefore, you should have a hiding strategy to get the solo victor tier.
So your first goal is not to kill the enemies but to find a safe place to get more points; out of survival time and loot the necessary equipment.

Use sniper

Sniper is useful for solo matches.
Suppose you give spry with AR gun from a far distance, you only give damage not kill, because AR is less intense than shred.
And you can kill your opponent without much risk if you use sniper by waiting for the perfect timing to deliver a headshot. Therefore, if you find a snippet with scope, don’t miss taking it.

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Pick up more throwable

The throwable weapons are stun grenades, Molotov cocktails, flag grenades and smoke grenades. I suggest you pick up those weapons and use them wisely. You can easily push your conqueror rank in solo mode.

Suppose if you are in the clearing on the last circle, you have to smoke a grenade to make the cover.
And when you’re on the attack, you’ll need a Molotov cocktail, stun and frag grenade to kill your enemy from afar.

Use your brains

Taking a power weapon isn’t enough if you’re not using your IQ; Because the ranking can be pushed by plan and strategy.
In solo mode you have to use your mind like this;

  • You have to behave like a clash fire and take a position to distract the mind of your enemy.
  • If you get a flare gun, use it outside the circle to get BRDM. And the BRDM vehicle helps you provide more coverage.
  • Also avoid the blind rush because you cannot predict your opponent’s location.
  • Use the vehicle in the open space to survive from enemy hits.
  • Find a safe place to camp, such as a bridge, squadron house.

Consume health

You must bring enough health kits to consume in solo mode because you have no one to save you.
And you know, consuming health kits increases your ranking points. Therefore, use health kits such as the first kit, energy drink, pain reliever on the first and second circle.

Do not walk in an open area.

If your safe zone is far from your location, you will need to find a vehicle to travel there. Otherwise, if you go to a safe area by walking, you will not know when you have become Peti. So avoid the ‘open area’ to survive longer to raise your rank to the conqueror level in a solo match.

Be careful every step of the way.

In solo mode, every player wants to get the conqueror level, so they play alert. Again, you can say that all players come in the solo matches with full preparation like you. Therefore, you must be careful at every step.

Do not panic

You’ll be in the lobby once you’ve been killed. So this is why most players panic to play solo matches and lose. And as you know, don’t let the lack of confidence win you over. So play the ‘solo match’ by showing your courage.

  • Don’t panic in the footprint situation.
  • In addition, don’t lose hope by checking out others’ upgraded kill message.
  • In addition, do not be afraid of the noise of the vehicle around you.
    Relax and take cover while your enemy throws a grenade at you.


The last tip to get the Conqueror band into solo mode is the accurate ‘aim’. But to make your aim smooth and correct, you need to have the best PUBG sensitivity setting.

Frequently asked question

  • How many points are needed to achieve in solo mode conqueror?

You need 4200 points in a week. (There are no exact points, you have to reach the top 500 in ACE in solo mode.)

  • How to check the position for the conqueror layer?
  • Go to rank
  • Go to solo mode
  • Now if you’re below the top 500, you’ll see your name on the list. But if you come out of the top 6000 ranks, you will see the position percentage.

Updated: March 23, 2022 — 9:30 am

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