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On patch 1.2, PUBG mobile royale pass season 17 confirmed runic power rewards for the players.
In addition, the popular game PUBG mobile has brought some events. Also some in-game improvement in the new update.

These are the Pubg mobile season 17 Royale pass runic power rewards and events.

Majestic Protective Armor

You will be given the wheel of fate to win the latest rewards. At the 50 ranks you can choose between brilliant Dawn and deadly sickle. You also have to reach into the 100 positions to become attractive majestic guardian angel.

New themed weapons

Season 17 royale pass brought the new theme UZIA and M16A4 weapon. And to get the final reward, you should have reached rank 100.

More points

The PUBG mobile has reduced the difficulty of RP missions by increasing the victory points. In Season 17, you need to accumulate match time to get weekly RP points. You have to complete RP missions to collect activity and collect more points for the highest ranking.

New event

The royale pass season 17 Runic power added an event named RP activity package event† So you can buy an activity pack to upgrade your RP. You can also collect mission activities to exchange them for UC refunds.
You can also buy an RP activity pack for RP points and an extra crate coupon.

Upgraded Event

The adventure event has returned in season 17 royale pass RUNIC power with a new experience.
You have to go to the exclusive RP event and get a metro badge to participate in the adventure event.
As you explore, you can unlock stories. And to redeem a set of exclusive vehicles and other top prizes, collect ‘exclusive deliveriesin the new season.

Some improvements

The new season has improved the selection between UC and AG currencies. So you can choose a requirement once per season. And if you are dissatisfied, you can change your decision.

New look.

The best training room of PUBG player cheer park has arrived with a new theme in the latest update. Put your name at the top of the new Theme Ship Park.

Other Rewards

Players must update the PUBG game between January 12 and January 17 to get other rewards such as;

  • 2,888 BP
  • 100 AG
  • Acolyte of Justice Backpack (3d)

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SourcePUBG Mobile OFFICIAL Patch 1.2

Updated: March 25, 2022 — 6:31 am

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