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PUBG mobile has introduced the runic energy mode in the latest update 1.2.
The runic power mode is the new concept for you, where you will get a great gaming experience.

In the new update you will get extraordinary and mythical power to defeat your enemy. You will also get extra rewards like AG currency, BP and many more.

How to play runic power mode?

To play the new event, you must first update your game. click here to update your game from the PLAY store.
After you update your game.

  • Launch PUBG mobile and select Erangel map.
  • Now select suitable runic power to continue your game.

What is the best Rune power to win the PUBG Runic mode contest?

Rune energy is new to everyone, so you will be surprised which rune power suits you best.

So, let’s discuss which is the best rune power in PUBG runic mode?

wind rune

If you choose wind rune to fight battle then you can survive from the bullets. Because this rune gives you the ability to create a semi-transparent windshield that helps to reduce the damage of your enemy’s shot.
This ability is useful when fighting in the open area.

With the help of windrune you can increase your running speed on the battlefield. In addition, your reload speed will increase. In addition, you can damage your opponent’s ice wall.
By using this skill, you can quickly loot the required objects. And you can quickly escape from the blue zone.

Flame Rune

By using flame rune, you can create a magma wheel that slowly rolls forward. The flame disc is made of fire and can destroy your enemy if they touch it. Furthermore, the magma wheel acts as a shield. In addition, this powerful ability allows you to distract your enemy. But you should avoid using this ability with the player using Arctic rune. Otherwise, they can destroy your wheel with their icy ammunition.

Another ability of flame rune is that it sears your bullet and increases the damage to your ammunition. It creates the burning effect on the object where you hit your bullet.

Arctic Rune

In Pubg’s runic power mode, you gain another power known as an arctic rune. So you can make the ice wall by using the arctic rune. And the ice will help to take cover. But you have to be alert of the player using wind flame. Because they can break your ice wall by using their windrune ability. Also, a melee attack can destroy the wall faster.

The arctic rune increases your ammunition skills and abilities.
By using the arctic ability, you can freeze your enemy in every shot. Using ice-cold ammunition can stop your enemy’s movement for a while. Furthermore, the ice-cold ammunition does a lot of damage to the magma wheel.

So what do you think? What rune power of PUBG runic mode can fit to become the winner?
I suggest you choose the rune wisely as every rune has super strength and weakness.
When playing the rune power event with the squad, your rune must be different from your teammate’s.
For example, if your partner is in runic power mode, if your partner chooses arctic, select flame rune.
Or team members may not select a mutual rune to win the matches.

Do this;

If you can freeze the enemy, your partner should have the ability to shoot flaming bullets. Or if you can make the ice walls then your teammate should have the ability to summon the magma wheel.

Enjoy your game in the runic world.

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Updated: March 25, 2022 — 1:35 am

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