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Ruppo is one of the top players of the world’s most popular mobile game Pubg Mobile. He is known for his gameplay video and as a creator of YouTube content. Ruppo never revealed his personal information, but after looking at many sources, we gathered some information about Ruppo.

So dear reader, you will know all about your favorite gamer ruppo: this article will let you know his real name, age, pubg ID, girlfriend country and much more.

Ruppo Biography: Real Name, Pubg ID, Age, Girlfriend and much more


Real name ruppo
Nickname ruppo
Age 22 years old
PUBG name ruppo
PUBG ID 553177605
City Not available
Country Turkey
Girlfriend Information not available
clan Information not available
Crew Name Information not available
Updated: March 16, 2022 — 7:29 pm

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