Russia-Ukraine conflict: PUBG Mobile Pro League CIS 2022 Spring postponed

Tencent has decided to postpone the PUBG Mobile Pro League CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Spring indefinitely due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Tournament administrators will make tournament decisions after reviewing the matter.

The competition phase of the tournament started on February 14 and lasted until Day 2 of the second week before it was postponed.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: PUBG Mobile Pro League CIS 2022 Spring Postponed

“Due to today’s events, the Competition Administration has decided to postpone the current week’s matches of the PMPL CIS 2022 Spring Split indefinitely. We will monitor the development of the situation and share more accurate information about schedule updates as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, PUBG MOBILE Administration Esports.”

The situation in Ukraine seems bleak and it may take some time before things return to normal. The top 16 teams advanced to the grand final after a three-week competition round with a weekday and a super weekend. The grand finals will take place between March 10 and 12.

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PUBG Mobile Pro League CIS 2022 Spring League

virtus. Pro was in first place at the end of Week 2, Day 2 (Weekdays 2) with 61 kills and 104 points. A great player for Virtus Pro, Oldboy was signed a few months ago and the move has paid off. Baks Esports is in second place with 101 points after finishing third in qualifiers.

KDV Esports, another qualified team, is in third place with 85 points. Natus Vincere is in fifth place, while Hydra, the qualifying champion, is in eleventh place. Konina Power, the defending champion, has had a bad start and is currently in the danger zone in 18th place. Mad Bulls and Team 1218 both had a mediocre start and are currently in 14th and 15th place respectively. SuperWeekend 2 is for the top 16 teams.

PUBG Mobile Pro League CIS 2022 Spring League Prize Pool

The PMPL CIS offers a $150,000 prize pool and will be broadcast live on PUBG Mobile Esports/Russia’s official YouTube channel. The tournament points will be added to the final PMGC point total to determine which team will represent the country at the World Championship. The competition got off to a fast start, and it is unclear when it will restart. Fans hope for a quick reboot.

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Updated: March 13, 2022 — 5:15 pm

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