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ScoutOP is India’s famous celebrity in the Gaming Community and he is an eSports player who has represented India in Pubg Mobile tournaments. ScoutOP is not only a Pro Player of PUBG Mobile, but also plays tournaments of COD Mobile and Free Fire.

In this article, we have explained everything about ScoutOP, Scout Biography, Scout Pubg ID Scout Real Name, Scout Age, Scout Earning, Scout Girlfriend, Scout Country, Scout Religion, Scout Device Scout KD and many more.

ScoutOP Biography: Pubg ID, Real Name, Income, Device


Scout Biography

Tanmay Singh alias scout is a multi talented person and he is the most famous of ndia youtuber of 3.39 million subscribers (on February 5, 2021) on YouTube. Scout is known for his tactics in PUBG for Entry Fragging, Assaulting accuracy of his laser-like m416 + 6x, scar + 4x, DMR spam and his IGL decisions. He uses Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Discord social media platforms featured on his YouTube Page Scout.

Scout WIKI

Real name Tanmay Singh
Nickname Scout, ScoutOP
Pubg ID 5144286984
Age 24 years (July 30, 1996)
Girlfriend Zara Vabi
Nationality Indian (Gujrat, Valsad)
Income (Monthly) 7-8 Lakh Indian Rupees
Verified social handles
Instagram scout
Twitter scouttanmay
facebook ezforscoutop
disagreement scout

Story behind name “Scout”

The name Scout came from the Game CS Go in which came a gun called scout and he used it very often and he was master of using the gun that’s why he became known as “Scout”

Scout was a very active kid and he played soccer from early childhood. Scout alias Tanmay Sing played professional football matches for Kolkata at the national level and he dreamed of representing the Indian team in football but little did he know that an incident would change the interest and he would become an eSports player.

The story begins: “One day, his mother did not allow him to play football in the evening. Tanmay jumped from the terrace and quietly escaped from the house. While jumping, he suffered a hamstring injury. The doctor advised about six months of bed rest due to a serious injury that also left him unable to walk, then Scout decided he would rest at home and make his career in Gaming.

Scouts career achievements

Being a compassionate player, Scout has excellent skill experience as he has built many good contacts with Indo and Chinese players in the game. He put many other tricks together and developed his skills by learning from them and taking the learning skills from them. Scout was the first Indian player to bring the use of claw control to India, he used a gyroscope and started spraying very vigorously.

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ScoutOP Pubg ID

ScoutOP Pubg ID is 5144286984.

Scout in game name

Scout’s in-game name is Scout OP.

Scout girlfriend name

Scout’s girlfriend is called Zara Vabi.

Scout YouTube Channel

Scout YouTube channel link: scout

Scout’s Free Fire ID

Scout’s free fire ID is 2339156229.

Scout’s free fire in-game name

Scout’s IGN is ImFakeScout.

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ScoutOP: frequently asked questions

What is the meaning of Scout in Pubg Mobile?

Scout term is used to define the search for enemies around you.

What is Scout’s Pubg ID?

ScoutOP Pubg ID is 5144286984.

Who is better scout or mortal?

No Doubt Scout is much better than Mortal, but Mortal has a PMCO championship and this is a big achievement.

What is Scout Pubg’s salary?

Scout usually earns 7-8 lakh per month, but there is no idea of ​​the salary he gets from OrangeRock.

What is Scouting’s real name?

Scout’s real name is Tanmay Singh.

What phone does scout use?

Scout uses iPhone 11 Pro max, the most popular device used by any eSports player.

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