Skull king crate in pubg new state- get Skullfrost cloak & skull king M416 –

The new Pubg state has brought Skullfrost X-suit and Skull King-M416 skin into the Skull King chest.

Skull frost cloak:- It is an upgradeable X-suit in the new state and the player must unlock it from the skull king crate. Players can upgrade it to the 3rd level to get more features.

(i) 1st level unlocks Team Join emote:- When you join another team, an attractive animation will be displayed.

(ii) 2nd level unlocks parachute emote: When you land on the battlefield, you look unique from others.

kullfrost cloak in Pubg new condition

(iii) Unlocked third level nameplate effect: Decorate your profile with a beautiful name frame. To upgrade the Frost Cloak Outfit skill, SFC Tokens are required.

Skull King M416:- It is a new upgradable skin of M416 in pubg new condition. It looks much more attractive and players can upgrade to level 7.

(i) the first level of Skull King-M416 gets the kill sound feature.
(ii) Second and third level create muzzle effects.
(iii) If you upgrade to level 4th level, you will get a special kill effect in this skin.

Skull king M416 skin in new condition Pubg

(iv) Hit effect is unlocked in the 5th level of skins.
(v) And in six and seven you get a special loot box and kill feed respectively. In levels 4 and 7, the skin takes on a new attractive appearance.

Open Skull King crate and get Skull Frost Cloak & Skull King M416 in Pubg new condition

You have to open the skull king crate to unlock this latest suit and skull king M416 skin in pubg new state. Players need vouchers for Chicken Medals, NC and Skull Kings to open the chest.

You will receive 2 Skull King crates from the mailbox for free. But if you want more, you have to spend Chicken Medal and NC.

Here are the steps:
(i) Go to the skull king crate
(ii) Select the Skull Frost Clock or Skull King item.
(iii) Open the chest. The price for one opening is x500 NC or X5 CM and for 10 times x1500 NC or X50 CM.

Updated: March 15, 2022 — 7:08 am

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