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Do you think solo vs squad match hard to play in pubg mobile? But every player wants to get chicken dinner in solo vs squad for different reasons like:

  • They don’t have a good team to play with.
  • To get the high kills in every match.
  • They don’t want to share the loot and kills with others.
  • Also because they don’t want to follow other people’s orders

However, it is a difficult task to survive solo against many players. Right? You will be killed right after starting the match because you are alone, but your opponent is strong with back power.

Solo (alone) isn’t the only reason you lose the matches though. Your mistakes and weakness are the main reason why you don’t win. Can’t you see how? professional player last long in such competitions as a hero?

That’s why here we discuss chicken dinner tips in a solo vs squad match like a pro player.

How to play and win pubg mobile solo vs squad match like a hero?

To play the 1 vs 4 modes as a pro player, you need to focus on these things first:

  • Boost your weapon accuratelyYes skill.
  • make your sensitivity setting suitable:
  • Carry a powerful combination of weapons into the match.
  • Don’t be afraid and show your confidence.
  • Use plenty of throwable weapons in any necessary situation.

So those are the basic things to consider to win a solo vs squad match. Furthermore, here are 8 tips for you to improve the 1 vs 4 match situations. And these are based on my experience:

First gun and then…

Solo vs squad in Pubg mobile

If you land in hot drop places like Pochinki, Georgepull, botcamp, San Martine, power station then you need to pick up gun first. Because in that location there are full of enemies.

And after you pick up the needed weapon, then collect the helmet vest and other necessary items. So, in order to survive in solo vs squad matches as a pro player, you need to prioritize.

Improve the sound feeling.

If you can’t capture your enemy’s footprint and other sound activities, then solo vs squad isn’t for you.

Therefore, in order to get high kills in the solo vs squad match, you need to improve your list skills. Play fast arcade games for that, the war to be perfect. Practice more and more.

Change position.

Solo vs squad in Pubg mobile

This tip works especially for the player who plays passively. You know, changing your position has some benefits, like,

  • You can confuse your enemy.
  • You can also make an appropriate plan and decision.

Use it.

As you know, the cover protects you from your enemies. Also taking the perfect cover in the matches is a sign of a pro player. So you are not alone in this mode, because the cover acts as your best squad. Just remember, use the cover and move on.

Learn to squat, jump and fire sensitively perfectly.

The skills like crouch, jump and shoot down will help you to kill your enemy. Because such movements are used to distract the enemy’s sights and mind from your body. Therefore, without a perfect squat and jump, it will be difficult for you to win the pubg mobile solo vs squad matches. And you can upgrade your skills in TDM competitions without fear of losing your tire rank.

To predict.

In the matches you have to be able to predict the next move of your enemy.

For example, you hit an enemy, but the active opponent is ready to rush, you need to change your mind. Don’t focus on the knocked-out enemy, focus on his living teammate. Make strategies, use throws and change your position.


Do you know the importance of movement in pubg mobile?

  • Move saves you from enemies.
  • It protects you from the spray.
  • It’s the best way to puzzle your enemy.

Therefore, do not hold yourself back, be active and alert to the game. Move your legs regularly!

Passive gameplay is best.

In my experience, aggressive gameplay doesn’t give the best results as you’ll be killed by the lack of a sense of your enemy’s position and activity.

So I suggest you be alert and play passive 1v4 matches for the highest kills and loot.

Updated: March 21, 2022 — 1:35 pm

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