Real Age + Girlfriend Pics + Sensitivity + KD!

Soul Regaltos Pubg ID: So today I’m going to share Regaltos Pubg ID and Soul Regaltos Age with you.

Also his real name, age, sensitivity, disagreement and Girlfriend pictures for you.

So let’s dive right in.

Soul Regaltos Pubg-id

So now I am going to share Soul Regaltos Age and Soul Regaltos Pubg ID with you.

So guys actually Soul Regaltos Aka (Regaltos Pubg) is a professional Pubg Mobile player for Soul Esports.

In short, he has more than 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube. He also has 800k+ followers on his Instagram.

Regaltos Pubg ID:



Regaltos Pubg Real Face with Goldy and Soul Viper

What is Soul Regaltos Pubg ID?

So Soul Regaltos Pubg ID is 593193849. And his Pubg name is SoulReGaLTos.

Pubg ID 593193849
Pubg name SoulReGaLTos

What is Soul Regaltos’ real name?

So the real name of Soul Regaltos is: Parv Singh He is from Delhi, India.

And recently he got his Youtube Golden Play Button.

Previously, Regaltos called his real name as Parv Jain. But now he was currently mentioning his name in his insta bio (Parv Singh).

What is Soul Regaltos Age?

Peoples Curiosity to Know Age of Soul Regaltos is on the next level.

Literally, I get a lot of comments and I’ve seen a lot of comments on insta and youtube about Soul Regaltos Age.

That’s why I’m stating his real age here.

19 years old

Besides, I don’t know his exact date of birth. That’s why I didn’t mention it here.

Regaltos Sensitivity (2022)

Regaltos Camera Sensitivity:

  • 3rd person – 120%
  • 1st person – 104%
  • Red dot – 34%
  • 2x range – 30%
  • 3x reach – 22%
  • 4x reach – 24%
  • 6x reach – 19%
  • 8x range – 12%

Regaltos ADS Sensitivity:

  • 3rd person – 95%
  • 1st person – 75%
  • Red dot – 20%
  • 2x reach – 15%
  • 3x reach – 25%
  • 4x reach – 21%
  • 6x reach – 37%
  • 8x reach – 17%

Regaltos Gyroscope Sensitivity:

  • 3rd person – 300%
  • 1st person – 300%
  • Red dot – 300%
  • 2x Range – 300%
  • 3x range – 240%
  • 4x range – 260%
  • 6x Range – 240%
  • 8x range – 85%

Soul Regaltos: the best memes for his true fans

Soul Regaltos Memes

Regaltos Pubg Memes

Who is Regaltos Pubg Girlfriend?

I can’t name it right now Regaltos “Rega” girlfriend name or pictures here.

Updates: So, Guys Rumurs are spreading across the Indian gaming community about Regaltos and Pay entity’s affair.

You can check if that’s true on Instagram or YouTube.

otherwise you can tell me in the comments section.

You can check them by visiting our homepage.

Then search in the official search box of our site “regaltos girlfriend”.

Then you can easily see her images and photos with instagram.

Note: This is just an assumption that the payment is from the entity Girlfriend of Soul Regaltos, also known as Parv Singh (Jain).

For now you can check out ClutchGod Girlfriend and Hydra Dynamo Girlfriend.

Regaltos Nimo TV: why is he using Nimo TV?

Actually, he uses nimo tv because nimo tv sponsored him to use his platform for live streaming.

Nimo TV is basically a streaming platform for gamers and streamers like Twitch and Omlet Arcade.

He has over 40k followers on Nimo TV.

You can check Regaltos Nimo TV profile.

Soul Regaltos Memes

Soul Regaltos Discord (Direct link to join)

Discord Link from Regaltos Click Here

Just link every youtuber and every Streamer regaltos also has its unique discord for its audience (Janta).

We also make available a link of T3 Customs Pubg Discord Server Link† also join if you are a true fan or lover of soul clan or soul esports. Join us too Pubg Mobile discord server and Scout Pubg Discord† And Redeem Pubg Mobile Code Generator

last words

So today I have shared Soul Regaltos Age of Regaltos Pubg ID with you.

Also, full biography, girlfriend, disagreement, sensitivity and almost everything you need to know about Regaltos are for you.

But let me know in the comments section. Security Status

Updated: March 14, 2022 — 4:07 am

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