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Pubg Mobile is one of the most popular multiplayer battle royale games in India and the world.

Today I am going to share all the information about Soul Viper including: Soul Viper PUBG ID Number, Soul Viper Biography, Soul Viper Age, Soul Viper Real Name and more.

Soul Viper PUBG Wiki

Soul Viper Pubg Wiki
Real name Yash Sonic
Nickname Viper
Date of birth Dec 18, 1998
Age 23 years (from 2021)
Pubg ID Number 587552420
PUBG name SOUŁ々VipeR
clan SOUL
Stands Gujarat
Country India
Nationality Indonesian
Social media data
YouTube SOUL VipeR
Instagram @soul_viper
facebook Soul VipeR
disagreement Viper
Locomotive SoulViper

Soul Viper PUBG Mobile ID

Soul Viper’s mobile PUBG ID is: 587552420 and his PUBG name is

Soul Viper Biography

The real name of Soul Viper is Yash Sonic† Soul Viper lives in Gujrat. Viper is 22 years old. Soul Viper is an official member of
Soul Clan

He is a Gamer, Streamer, Roaster and Content Creator. Viper mainly streams Pubg Gameplay videos on YouTube

Soul Viper YouTube Channel

Soul Viper started its YouTube journey on December 4, 2018. Soul Viper’s YouTube channel has more are 1.13 Million+ Subscribers† He mainly streams mobile PUBG gameplay, but he also plays other games like Minecraft, Valorant, Among US etc. videos on his YouTube channel.

He gets 50K+ to 300K+ average views on every video streamed on his channel. Soul Viper uploaded or streamed 691 gameplay videos

Soul Viper Income

YouTube is the main source of Income of Soul Viper. According to data from Social Blades, Soul Viper’s monthly earnings are between $934 and $714K.

His annual income from YouTube channel is $11K – $179K+

Most wanted questions about Soul Viper

Who is Soul Viper?
Soul Viper, he is a Pro Pubg player, gamer, streamer, youtuber and content creator. he is an official member of Soul Clan.

What is Soul Viper’s real name?
Soul Viper’s real name is Yash Soni.

What is Soul Viper’s annual income?
Soul Viper’s annual income is between $11 – $179K.

What is the age of Soul Viper?
The age of Soul Viper is 23 years.

Soul Viper’s Most Popular Video

Here’s Soul Viper’s Most Popular YouTube Video

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