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This article comes with a guide to improve your sense of sound in Pubg mobile for quick reflex.

The player uses different techniques to kill all opponents on the island. But one survives who plays better. Playing better means using the strategies and skills. For example, aiming skills, best sensitivity, best teammate, landing idea, sensible rush help the player to master everyone.

But in addition to all this, the player with the best sound sense can also give a stunning performance on the mobile island of Pubg. If the player has all the required skills and professional squads, but cannot overhear the sound of the enemy’s footsteps, vehicles and weapons, then a problem arises.

Why should you have common sense in Pubg mobile?

  1. To land on the hot drop like a hero.

You know, hot drops like pachinko, Bootcamp, power plants are wanted zone- Because most of the squads fall there to complete the mission.

Therefore, if you can better hear the footsteps and gunfire of your enemy, you can land on such an area without panic and challenge them.

  1. You can rush perfectly

Usually you rush on the floor, the apartment area in the school and Yasnaya Polyana and others, right? But do you do that successfully? No, you can’t if your sense of sound is weak.

But if you can listen to their footsteps, you can secretly locate them. As a result, you can successfully rush them. In addition, if you have the best common sense, you can quickly reflex as your enemy “rushes” at you.

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  1. It gives confidence.

Most players panic during the mission because they don’t know where the enemy is coming from. So they lose their confidence and game over. But with your pro sound sense, you can play as a cool dude on the mobile island of Pubg.

So those are reasons why you should know how to capture opponent’s footstep sound in Pubg mobile so you can reflex faster.

Here is a guide to improving the sense of sound in Pubg mobile:

1. Choose the best sound quality

Photo of the best audio setting. Sound guide for Pubg mobile: How to improve the sound feeling?

There are three types of sound quality in the game: Low, Medium and Ultra.
To hear the foot sound clearly, play Pubg mobile on ultrasonic quality.
What is the difference? Is ultra the best for capturing footsteps, shooting and vehicle sounds from long distance in Pubg?

No, the ‘range’ is the same for all options. But in ultra SFX you can hear the clear sound of enemies’ food prints, vehicles and weapons.

However, the ultrasonic setting is only for advanced devices. But if you have a low-end phone, you can adjust it in the medium sound setting to improve your feel in Pubg mobile.

  • Go to setting.
  • Go to sound.
  • Select Ultra or Medium.

2. Play TDM on FPP

Before the update, the quality was not suitable for practicing common sense. After the update, the Pubg mobile has innovated the sound quality in the TDM.

That’s why I recommend that you play enough TDM matches to increase the sense of sound in Pubg mobile. But play more in FPP mode as it gives the feeling of reality.

3. Buy the best headphones with the best volume.

Picture of the best headphones for playing Pubg mobile. How to improve the sound feeling?

It’s time to spend some money. To improve the hearing ability of footsteps, vehicles and weapons, buy branded headphones specially made for PUBG.

Cheap headphones under 300 are not suitable for capturing opponent’s footsteps on the floor and terrains with clear sound in Pubg mobile. So, if you have a budget to buy a headset or earphones, remember these things:

  • Search and compare the headphones according to your budget on the internet.
  • Record information from your friend who plays the game and bought the headphones.
  • Try to look for the latest brand or you will regret it.

And use the headphones correctly – the left side for the left ear and vice versa.

4. Other tips to improve the sound feeling in Pubg mobile

  • Play more solo vs squad matches. There you will only hear the weapon sound of your enemy.
  • Play the game at 75% to 85% volume.
  • And playroom card with your friend to practice.

Updated: March 17, 2022 — 10:29 am

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