PUBG Gameplay 101 – how to play PUBG like a Pro

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In this article we will see:

What is PUBG?

Player’s unknown battlegrounds or PUBG Gameplay is a battle strategy game that gained widespread popularity during its launch and yet the popularity of the game has not waned after 3 years. But, how do you play PUBG like a PRO?

Players from different continents have played this game and belong to different clans. The game starts with you spawning on an island with other players and the one with better PUBG gameplay wins. There are no specific PUBG Tips & Tricks specifically. But there are a few PUBG gameplay tactics that might work well for you.

Out of 100 players and an intense gameplay of almost 45-60 minutes, one player or team wins and gets the chicken dinner. And to get that chicken dinner, you must have rich gameplay strategy that you wouldn’t regret. For better gameplay in PUBG or in PUBG mobile, LET’S GO!

How to play PUBG?

1) 2 vs 3 vs 4 finger claw gameplay

Let me tell you that changing how many fingers you play PUBG with will determine who gets the chicken dinner. Just adding or removing a finger from your gameplay can help you in tricky situations. More fingers will help you with more mobility and more options at the same time.

A player should experiment with all the available styles to see what suits them best. There should be enough space on your mobile device if you play with more fingers, say 4.

It generally takes a week to adapt to the new gameplay style, but it’s definitely worth a try. Four-finger gameplay involves the most controls at once and two the fewest. Let’s see in more detail.

a) Best 2-finger configuration for PUBG mobile

2 finger gameplay
2 finger control

PUBG 2 Finger Mobile Layout is the most used style among players because of its easy style. we usually have a fire button on the right and move the controls on the right. the player can customize other controls such as jump in the bottom right and peak and scope options in the center left. Since it offers few options at once, I personally wouldn’t recommend playing with this style.

  • benefits
  • Easiest to use.
  • cons-
  • Few control options at a given moment
  • less flexibility

b) 3-finger claw gameplay

This gameplay is widely used after 2 fingers because of its less complications than the 4 fingers claw style. the typical control setting includes the move button at the bottom left, the fire button at the top left and right, players can adjust other settings to jump, peak and open.

  • benefits-
  • More flexibility than 2-finger gameplay.
  • cons-
  • Still less flexible than 4-finger jaw adjustment.

You can check out my foolproof 3-finger PUBG controls that can get more 30% more chicken dinners.

c) PUBG 4 finger mobile layout.

4 finger claw gameplay
4 finger gameplay

The most complex of them all, but can work like magic once you get the hang of it, the four finger claw controls. At any given time, the player can jump, shoot, move and open a scope, unlike a 2-finger thumb setup where you can only move and shoot. crazy right! usually players can switch to this right away after getting a little better at playing with 3 fingers.

  • benefits-
  • Most flexible.
  • 4 control capability at any given time.
  • cons-
  • The hardest to master.

I would personally recommend the 4 finger claw setup in PUBG mobile as it offers different types of controls at any given time and that can be a reason between a kill or getting kills as it comes down to how well we can get the character in the game to manage .

For different settings in different claw gameplay, feel free to copy these settings directly.

2) Create or join a clan

Clan Partner in PUBG Mobile

The simple answer is if they help you learn their strategies and have better gameplay than yours. you should also try with different clans and see which one suits you best. It all comes down to experimentation, patience and the ability to communicate. See how your clan works and plays in tight quarters and learn from their own gameplay. as they once said, “Great teamwork is based on individual contributions.”

It is entirely up to the player which style makes him/her more pro than noob. You can either play safe or rush but that should coincide with your team. Team players need to be 100% sure whether they are going to attack or defend in a given situation.

This is definitely one of the important PUBG tricks/tips to follow.

Certain teams play safe and some play rush gameplay, but the important thing is how each member communicates with each other and their role in a team.

To know the roles in a team, click here.

3) Mastering close-range combat technique

Better gameplay in close combat

To master close combat, you have the option to play TDM warehouse in which you spawn endlessly until a team completes 40 kills or completes the time. Playing TDM is the ultimate tip or trick in PUBG to master close combat. The advantage is that you can try different strategies in a single match without starting a new game, as in the case of the classic. You can try your own ways to withdraw control, open the range and kill the enemy, kill without a range, kill with different range like 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x and 8x. The strategies are endless and you can create your own with time, but when you just focus on this.

Another aspect is: war mode which is a similar concept but sometimes you can only get a sniper game. war mode can also be practiced in solo mode and can give you a classic feeling Erangel Solo. Just the case, you have to jump out of a plane and the map is quite bigger than the warehouse

4) How do you control recoil in PUBG gameplay?

Controlling Kickback in PUBG Mobile
Check Kickback

Usually a player is only killed because the bullets did not connect to the enemy’s body and therefore the latter survives. To overcome this, you must master the recoil. Now you can do this by adding attachments or change sensitivity of ADS or gyroscope.

This is a trick used by most competitive players in PUBG. Going to attachments, you can equip your AR with Compensator, light grip, tact shock, thumb grip or vertical front grip. For better gameplay in PUBG we have a list of attachments below –

  • Compensator – It helps control vertical and horizontal recoil.
  • Tact shock – Equip this for better recoil control and avoid shaking weapons.
  • Vertical front handle – The gun will move less in vertical axis once equipped.
  • light grip – It increases recoil recovery and stability.
  • thumb grip – It reduces the opening time of the Scope< slightly reduces vertical recoil and increases stability to some extent.
  • Angled front handle – Scope opens faster when equipped.

The ultimate PUBG trick and suggestion for AKM EN M416?

For M416, attach items such as compensator, light Grip, Extended mag and a tact shock to maximize recoil control and stabilize the gun.
For AKM, it is best controlled with Compensator, which mainly controls the vertical and horizontal recoil. Also keep in mind that you will have to stop firing if the gun gets out of hand and starts again.
One thing to keep in mind is that different weapons only work well for a particular attachment. Each player has their own preferences for sensitivity control settings and what works best with a person.

PRO PUBG TIP – All weapons are made differently

5) Use Headphones – Ultimate PUBG Trick No One Is Talking About

Ever thought the enemy came from the left but instead killed you from the right or a car came from behind and knocked you out of the game. If you suffered from this problem, my friend, it is certainly because you are not using headphones to facilitate your gameplay. Using headphones is an ultimate PUBG or PUBG Mobile trick for being one step ahead of your opponent.

For most parts, the game relies on sounds such as gunfire (close or far), type of sound (sniper/AR/SMGs), enemy footsteps, cars, or is it just your friend’s footsteps that you have heard. The sound is an asset that will help you make a good judgment about the overall situation. Even the slightest misjudgment of sound can kill you in combat areas like “Georgopool” or the worse “The Pochinki”.

6) Decode Pro Players PUBG Gameplay

My personal strategy is to see how players with better gameplay have planned things in PUBG. I watch a lot of online streams and different players how they play and how many fingers.

I really recommend you to at least watch the PUBG Live Stream of the best PUBG players on youtube. There is a lot we learn when we learn from the mistakes of others and avoid them in our gameplay.

For instance – Two PUBG tricks I learned involved peeking and shooting and taking cover behind the ledges. These two tricks from a competitive player made a big improvement in my game.

Watch PUBG live where else competitive players from different countries play in adapted rooms with a perfect team strategy. You can easily monitor what players are doing during a battle. Frankly, there is much to learn that is beyond the scope of this article.

Quick Tip – You can easily enable the peek option in the basic settings tab.

7) X Factor – PUBG Gameplay Trick Nobody Knows!

X factor, win-94
a sniper

There is no more secret about how to become a pro in PUBG gameplay. If you have a clan that coordinates well, decent gameplay, well controlled recoil, and uses PUBG tricks and tips mentioned above and in this channel, nobody can stop you from becoming the next ace.

The only thing that can hold you back is your limiting beliefs and lack of practice. Practice and strategize once you find your clan and learn what works best for you. In the end it’s just a game and your main goal in general should be to enjoy your journey in this game from gold to ace. Don’t worry about better gameplay in PUBG, because it will come naturally.

Team up, loot, kill and make that UAZ win that last zone!


In short, it is not difficult to Ace in PUBG. Just use these tips next time in your PUBG gameplay. I’m sure 89% of the time these tips will help you. Also practice regularly in the training room with different weapons.

Finally, I hope that this article about ‘How to play PUBG‘ has helped you to obtain valuable information.

Updated: March 21, 2022 — 4:24 pm

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