Steps on How to unban an account on PUBG Mobile 2022 follow the details

to unblock pubg account

write this message to the pubg support team:

hey pubg support team, my account on pubg has been banned. the tape runtime is 10 years too long. we want you to remove or reduce the fine for users, and many of us have paid very large sums. thanks to the pubg team. dear buggy company, 10 years is very long, this is something impossible, hope to decrypt my account.


To step

1. First, go to the tool available from the link above. It is an online tool, so there is no need to download anything. It works anywhere and from any device.

2. It will ask you for a username or phone number. Just fill in the correct information.

3. Wait for the application to finish working.

4. This is the easiest way I’ve found to work efficiently.

5. Application is updated daily.

6. Completely anonymous. Your identity is completely anonymous as this is a server based application. There’s nothing to worry about.

Sign in to your Gmail account or another email service

Compose a new email and type

[email protected]

in the sender address

Object to account suspension by explaining your issue in the body of the email.

Please include your character ID and account name in the message.

Press the send button after finalizing the email


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