PUBG New State Survivor Pass Volume 1 Missions

Along with the first release of PUBG New State on November 11, 2021; the first part of the Survivor Pass was introduced into the game along with several missions that were supposed to be completed within 4 weeks. It is a one month cycle. The final reward can be obtained at Survivor Pass Level 50.

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In this blog, we’ll discuss the weekly missions in the game and some tips for completing them:

Week 1 Survivor Pass Missions

100 SP: Play 1 match in Team Deathmatch

100 SP: Own 2,000 or more Drone Coins in a single match

75 SP: Get 10 assists (squad)

75 SP: Use 30 energy drinks

75 SP: Kill 20 players with a submachine gun

perfunctory promotion:

When severe climate change and turbulent international affairs threatened global stability, the entire world was in chaos in 2051. The unrest was particularly bad in Troi, a small city in the center of the United States that has been ravaged by violent protests and domestic terrorism. Police responded to the violent daily protests with further disproportionate force.

125 SP: Get 3 Troi Police Posters from around Troi

A sweet box of mystery:

Chaos loomed in Troi’s shadow. The troops, whose identities have yet to be verified, have long been meticulously planning to stir up Troi.

A donut chain popular for its authentic homemade taste is also said to be part of this plot. The rumors that some donut boxes contained mysterious vials instead of those famous sweet pastries, and that they were being transported to an unknown place, caused a stir all over Tori.

125 SP: Buy 3 Cica Morphine 100mL items from the donut shops around Troi

Defensive Plans

Police tried to clean up the mess, but things took a turn for the worse. They all had their own reasons for joining the crowd. Some ran out of food to feed their children, others needed gasoline for their cars. The emotional anger fueled by the protests grew day by day.

Troi’s veteran Sheriff Sam Berry and his colleagues rescued those trapped in their homes and took them to the police station for safety, then figured out how to stay safe. Traces of their conversation can still be found on the roof of the police station.

125 SP: Get 3 files of the “Troi Police Defense Plan” from around the Troi Police Station.

Week 2 Survivor Pass Missions

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