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Today I’m going to tell you about the Tap Tap App and also how to download Pubg Lite game with this app.

Tap Tap Global

KNOCK KNOCK is an international app store used all over the world. It has a wide variety of games that are not easily accessible or not available in other app stores. It reduced the long reach of the user, one can directly download the application without any specific or external login.

Officially, it is never recommended by the game owners to download the app from a third party as it is not considered safe/legal and may harm your device. But it’s been used worldwide for a long time, so it’s a partially reliable download source if you can’t access it from another medium. Tap Tap global is used to search thousands of great games based on anime and manga web series.

Pubg Mobile Lite

As we all know, PUBG is battle royale with extraordinary graphics and game experience. It runs smoothly on high-end devices. With this in mind, the officials of Krafton Limited launched PUBG lite, keeping the demands of gamers with low-end devices.

The game was officially launched in 2019-20. It can only be accessed through the Android version that slides over Apple and other software. The size of the app is considerably small compared to Pubg Mobile which is only 491 MB.

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Pubg Lite APK 0.22.1 Version

Pubg Mobile lite has its latest version of 0.22.1 version to provide its gamers with a better gaming experience. The update has already been launched on the global server, now players can install comfortably and enjoy a lag-free interface seamlessly. Pubg lite uses unreal engine 4 which is quite different from the actual game in many features. Little different, but gives almost the same experience as the global PUBG version.

Pubg Mobile light version 0.22.1 version occupies a space of 192MB to provide their gamers with a better and smooth gaming experience. Each update comes with some add-on features of events, modes, skins etc.

Considering its size and features, 0.22.1 is a minor update compared to the 0.23.0 update which will come shortly. Currently the beta version for the same is available in apps like Tap Tap only looks at new weapons made available in the recent update.

  • DP 28 skin can be upgraded to sliding jade dragon.
  • UMP 45 skin can be upgraded to forbidden fantasy.

Tap Tap Pubg Lite

We all know the Google Play Store app to download games, but apart from that, TAP TAP app is also widely used in the countries where direct download is not possible or inaccessible. One can also download Pubg lite from Tap Tap app. The best thing to admire about the Tap Tap app is that it usually gives you early access before the specific game is available on the Play Store.

The Tap Tap app also provides access to new updates and beta versions of Pubg lite. In general, it is always recommended by the officials to download their game from the official website or from authorized stores such as the Play Store, Apple Store. It is considered an unsafe option as a third party app is generally not liable for any damage to your device and data.

How to Download Pubg Lite with Tap Tap App

Follow the steps below to easily download Pubg Mobile lite from the TAP TAP app without any problems.

  • Open your browser and enter the TAP TAP app on the Google platform.
Tap Tap Pubg Lite
  • Screen shows taptap officiële official site (taptap.io.com) just click the download button.
  • Select “Install TAPTAP” to start downloading the application to your device.
Tap Tap Pubg Lite
  • Since you are not downloading the app from the registered Google Play Store app, your device will notify you “install from unknown sources” however, give access rights for the same setting > security and privacy > allow installation from unknown sources. Install the application and after installation, a TAPTAP icon will be created on the home screen.
Tap Tap Pubg Lite
  • In the TAP TAP app, use a search bar to find Pubg lite and press the install button. The game will automatically download to your device.
Tap Tap Pubg Lite
  • Once the installation is complete, you can start the action.

Notice: If the game does not open or shows an error code after downloading, please download the application again and reinstall it on the affected device.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the TAP TAP app for a gamer?

Pros cons
It is easily available on the web. It is a rather unofficial way to download and update the games, which is not recommended by officials.
It can be used worldwide. Not available in the Play Store.
It has a variety of games on its portal. Keeps your data and device at risk.
It gives updates and game access in advance before the official launch date. Sometimes displays errors during download and installation.
The game download process is quite user-friendly.


It is recommended to wait for the official launch of the specific game/update. Though Tap Tap has some exciting features that are not available on the official site, play store, IOS store like it gives you early access to the specific game or update before the official launch.

If you are unable to download a particular game from a particular region, you can use the global version of Tap Tap to access the same. It is easily available on the web and costs nothing to download and install. Despite all these facts, it is still recommended to use the game from its official website just for the safety of the user.

If you download from third-party apps, you may be concerned about your data and device security. If you still want to access it, the phone’s first format will hide all your data and keep nothing on the device except the third-party app and the game.

We have mentioned some pros and cons below, take a look for a better judgment.

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