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The team deathmatch (TDM) is an unranked mode in pubg new state where players can use any armor for training.

In the TDM match, the battle is between your team and those of your opponents, and the win-lose situation depends on more kills.

The team must reach 40 points to beat the opponent in TDM, and one kill is equal to one point.

So players play the TDM not only to win, but also to improve their aiming skills and learn strategies for the battle kingdom.

How to win team deathmatch in pubg new state

Tip 1: Select the best Presets

best equipment (presets) in the deathmatch of Pubg .'s new state team

Players must use perfect presets to perform best in the TDM competitions. Therefore, players have to choose the best weapon to kill the enemy in Team Death Match at close range and at long range.

Here’s the best gear (presets) for becoming a pro in TDM in Pubg’s new state:
(i) Main weapons: M762, AKM and M416.
(ii) Second weapons: UZI, UMP45 and Vactor.
Throwable: frag grenade

So, here’s how to charge for TDM
(i) Tap to select the preset option.
(ii) Select the weapons you like in all three slots and four pairs.

Tip 2: Don’t hold in one place.

Sometimes players secretly stay or hide in TDM for a long time in order to survive. But you know that the Team Death Match is not a competition where you have to hide.

But it is a match where you need to learn a lot of skills for the battle royale in pubg new state. So don’t be afraid of anything even if you get killed 100 times.

Camping in the TDM matches will never make you an MVP, so try to push your enemy and get more kills.

Tips 3: Use frag grenede

Team deathmatch in pubg new condition

The damage of the frag grenade is high and can destroy many opponents at once.

So, to get high kills in pubg new state team deathmatch (TDM), use the frag grenades every round.

You get more kills in the base camp and side of the container if you throw a grenade there.

Tip 4: Set the best setting

Bank fire, spring fire, sensitive fire and pick fire are the four best moves you need to do in Pubg new state TDM to become a winner.

These moves are only possible if you play the game with your four or five fingers. So adjust the best claw setting and set your hands to get faster than your opponent.

Updated: March 14, 2022 — 12:55 pm

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