Try this Team strategy in PUBG to become a pro player!

Team strategy in PUBG or other Battle Royale games can be defined as dividing different roles among teammates and implementing the assigned roles in different battles. Accordingly, the roles may change in a few fights, but the essence of your roles will help you get a clearer picture in the long run. That’s why we need to know the team strategy and the different roles that will help us in almost every battle royale game.

When we have a team that communicates well with each other and consists of a variety of players from beginner to advanced, then the division of roles and team strategy in PUBG becomes very important.

A team surrounded by multiple teams on both sides, dividing our roles can come in very handy in tight situations like the ones mentioned. Also, with a team of four players, a maximum of four roles can be chosen. To learn more about these roles, let’s go straight to the article that Bolt Gamer presented to you.

Why should we have a team strategy?

1) To avoid confusion

Most likely, confusion in a tight situation could cause our team to lose a match and cost the game level. Having predefined roles helps in smooth gameplay and facilitates us along with our teammates. On multiple occasions, a team can get stuck in a situation where the chances of winning a fight are rare. These fatal mistakes should belong to the adversary, not ours.

2) To enjoy our free time

More often than not, playing PUBG/Battle royale games with our team should bring us joy. In addition, it should give us confidence about the skills we have and the ability to play close games. Not knowing what our teammates are doing is frustrating and will quickly make everyone lose interest. Believe me!

3) To improve one’s gameplay

Also, having a team strategy in PUBG will allow everyone to better focus on a particular style and strengthen the related gameplay skills during different matches. After a while, we’ll get to know the real us and decide if we’re comfortable with that role or not. In this way one can work systematically to realize a role that suits him/her. To improve your gameplay, you can check our article here with easy tips and tricks for better gameplay

Different roles in a team divided between four players

1) Leader:



4) Support/Beginner:

1) Leader

leader in pubg

A leader can be defined as a person who takes charge of the situation and pulls the game even in the most stressful situations. Every team deserves a leader who can plan things wisely. A team leader is well equipped with the knowledge of different strategies on different maps and implements the most beneficial in the ongoing battle. A good leader usually makes important calls such as attack, defend or retreat. In general, the leader is the most experienced of the four members. The role of a leader is extremely crucial and should be chosen after playing a few games together with your team. A good leader must be chosen where all members are happy, otherwise another person could come up with a strategy in a way that could prove fatal to your teammates.

some important qualities of a leader

  • Keeping the peace in the team.
  • Good communicative skills.
  • Listen to the opinions of other teammates.
  • When and from where to attack.

2) The sniper

sniper team strategy PUBG mobile

In the event of a knockout of one’s own teammate, the sniper must quickly access the situation and take out the opponent. While the other team members rush, a sniper must sit at a great distance and constantly provide information about the enemy’s position and act quickly if the enemy attacks from behind. Therefore, a sniper must have both stealth and accuracy.

Some important characteristics of a good sniper

  • Higher Headshots percentage.
  • Involved in direct communication with the fragger.
  • Makes an initial call to retreat if the opponent has overpowered the team.


fragger team strategy

The riskiest job of all the mentioned roles is probably that of the fragger. Fragger serves as the first support for a team. Fragger is the one with the most kills in any game and has the primary role of clearing the area by killing every possible enemy at close range. After the leader gets the location of enemy teams from the sniper, the leader makes a plan and this usually has to be carried out by the fragger and the support. In the event of multiple knockouts by the sniper or the leader, the fragger must run to the spot and clear the area. Therefore, high speed and fast actions are important features of any good fragger, in addition to those listed below.

Some important features of the fragger

  • First, one to deal with the opposing team.
  • Within grenade range of the enemy.
  • Master of close combat and recoil control.
  • Usually moves the fastest over the enemy position.
  • Usually coordinates with the team sniper to get the enemy location.

4) Support/Beginner:

support team strategy in pubg

The Support supports the team members and in particular the fragger. Usually the supporter moves behind the fragger and collects medicines, bandages, first aids, painkillers and energy drinks for team members. If the fragger is knocked down in a fierce battle, the support kills the enemy and brings the fragger back to life. In addition, the fragger also keeps a close eye on whether an attack from the enemy team is taking place from behind their backs. The fragger is responsible for driving the car and taking teammates to the desired location. In case of withdrawal, the props will keep the car ready if the enemy team has overpowered his/her team and drives to a safer location while other teammates recover their health. The fragger has to cook and throw grenades at the enemy when inside a building. In addition, it is best to keep the least experienced player on the team as support.

Some key features of the support:

  • Revives Downed Players
  • Provides teammates with medical assistance.
  • Keep his/her eye out when a sudden attack from the enemy team comes from behind.
  • Usually joins the team to get better by watching other people’s gameplay.
  • He provides cover fire when the team rushes to an enemy position or a safer location.
  • he/she has the lowest K/D ratio.

Now it’s your turn to find a good enough clan and try at least one team strategy in PUBG.

Updated: March 21, 2022 — 4:57 pm

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